Friday, December 28, 2012

No network...!

Disclaimer: All the characters in this write-up are based upon fiction. If it matches anyone in real that is by co-incidence and unintentional. (agay aqalmand kay liye ishara kafi hai)

Though it may not sound new to you but yet we are witnessing today another instance of stupidity of our government, who is famous of doing it again and again. Cellular services has been suspended for the day, depriving whole nation from communicating to the rest of the world.

Cellular services were suspended in Karachi on Friday in light of terrorism threats, Express News reported.
The services, suspended by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), will remain suspended from 11am till 6pm today.
According to an intelligence report, a major act of terrorism was suspected in Karachi, which was expected to be carried out through a cell phone.
Network operators were informed at 9am of the suspension.
Suspending cellular services in light of terrorism threats on important days like Eid and Ashura has become a norm, however service suspension on such days comes with prior notice.
Source: Express Tribune

A major act of terrorism was suspected today and strategy of our government to deal with it was by blocking the mobile networks, as they could not come up with any other stupid idea so they decided this should be the best. No one can beat the intelligence of our very own hero RM, who only has the ability to entertain the whole world with his unbeatable ideas. And yes it is his forte and no one can match him for sure. As per some lurking reports, it has been confirmed that Guinness Book of World Record have agreed to include RM ik as the most intellectual personality that has been born. 

Raised up under the supreme guidance of AZ, Daktar Saheb has been on his toes since childhood. During his early years at school he was nominated as the most dashing personality for flirting with teachers in class. As soon as passed his college, RM was the most wanted person and his picture could be seen all over the stables throughout the country. Whenever, he visited roads, ques of all female donkeys blocked the roads just to have a glimpse of him. 
For a moment if we consider that a major terrorism act is about to happen then is blocking the mobile connectivity is the only way to deal with it? Even Newton can't solve this mystery and let leave this to our government to solve this mystery.

In a modern world where on one hand we consider communication as one of the basic and most important need of a person there on the other hand our government has deprived the whole nation of it and they keep doing it, they never get quenched. What now seems to a trait of our present government, i.e. to "deprive' "deprive" "deprive"  the nation of their basic necessities including electricity, sui gas, CNG, employment, basic rights, justice... and now mobile networks. We never know what we more we have to experience in the coming months, but I on the other hand will start a quest of finding that girl who refused to give her number to Rehman Malik, "kitna jazbati ker dya Rehman ko, poray mulk kay network band ker dye us ne" ... 

A never ending quest...

Letters Published in different newspapers

Published in Daily Times

Encounter Alpha bravo charlie!

     Image Courtesy: Pakistan Today

One misunderstanding can be turn out to be fatal for one’s life but I guess it was my lucky day. While returning from office at 10 in the night as soon as I took a turnaround from the roundabout of do talwar a ranger official beckoned me which as it appeared to me was for the riders coming behind me so I ignored. But a few steps away another ranger waved hand and I stopped because this was definitely for me. I was accompanied by my colleagues who got off from the bike as soon as I stopped. However, I went slack on my bike without much movement.

The Ranger official marched towards me hastily like I was about to get convicted there and then and said “rukay kyu nahi”(why didn’t you stopped). I said politely, sir it appeared to me that you were trying to stop the one coming behind me that’s why I didn’t stopped and I guess it’s a misunderstanding.  However, it appeared that my words were falling on deaf ears as he kept on saying that you don’t know about rangers? He pointed towards his bike and other rangers officials and said can’t you see that 125 (model of Honda bike). Do you know you can’t even move an inch from that point when we want you to stop then stop, you can’t run away. You can’t even move a bit from there.  

I said yes I understand but…he quibble and he pointed towards his AK47 and said “can you see this (pointing towards the bump safety) its not locked as if I was a bozo and don’t know anything about AK47 then he said, now I hope you have understand, what I want to say?

Surprised on his wayward behavior I politely replied yes sir, I do. It was my mistake and it wont happen again. It seems pointless to argue with him and in my mind I already decided its better to accept that it was my mistake and get rid of him as quickly as possible instead of inviting trouble.

We kept our eye contact during the whole terse conversation. In the end, he monitored all three of us and went away making a quipping remark on us. He seems to be such an aura of authority when he was threatening me with his assault rifle as if I was a badnam dako of the city. Well, I thanked him shook hands and started my bike and never looked back.

I wonder, are these rangers are assigned to save the people from bad guys or to threat the good people terrorized them from their power.

- An uncertain future of Pakistan

Photo credit:

It is very evident to forecast at this point in time that the future of Pakistan is going to be bleak. Terrorism has strengthened its root deep in Pakistan and our administration has run out of strategies. They have failed to curb the root of terrorism out of Pakistan.  People of Pakistan do not feel safe now. 

The blast that held in Karachi, Quetta and Rawalpindi targeting Shia sect has spread a sense of terror among the citizens of Pakistan.  What is more frightening is that the people are even afraid of performing their religious ceremonies with peace.  The threat of a terrorist attack lurks in their mind all the time resulting in an uncertain future for them. Who is doing it, why they are doing it, nobody knows and no one can answer these questions. An attack happens and Tehreek Taliban claims its responsibility. It remains a mystery why a Muslim [if that what they claim to be] is killing a Muslim. 

I always wonder what purpose or interest they would have killing their own caste, creed. Our tourism industry is already bitten the dust, and other resources are on the verge of devastation. If the conditions remain to be the same then one can only imagine Pakistan as a half sinking ship which eventually will sink deep down the sea of terrorism. Our government and so called politicians have completely failed to overcome the lapse of security throughout the country. So many innocent people are already and we are yet to see any extremist gets punished. 

What may seem to be unending are the rising deaths of innocent people and families who are losing their love ones and for what reason they never know. There is nothing that can be done to cover their damages. It is very unfortunate for the one who gets killed and does not know the reason behind it. The terrorism is a termite eating Pakistan from inside and if measures are not taken it will too late to imagine a safe Pakistan.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Burning our own country...

Pakistan, that was once considered as a very peaceful place to live as told in tales of my father and grandfather has now become one of the place where people get butchered with no hesitation. I once used to picture Pakistan as a peaceful society. It was long before when people used to care for each other and live like families.  Things have changed a lot deal now and my own people have become my enemies now. Killing someone has now become as easy as clicking by two fingers.

Following the rallies and protest against the blasphemous film which a fact was made by a producer in US turned to be a horrible day in the history of Pakistan. Where we speak about the ethics of Islam and teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH) there on the other hand we exploit the worst characteristics of one self.  More than a dozen people were declared dead and hundreds injured on the day announced to celebrate Ishq-i-Rasool day which was supposed to be a day we show respect and love for the Prophet. Following the footsteps of Holy Prophet (PBUH) has always been a far cry. However, yesterday’s incident proved that we have failed humanity as well.  

The protesters insured that they destroy public property throughout the country fearlessly. Some of the banks were robbed and many police vehicles were torched. A failure of law could be seen on the day but not only the law but a failure of humanity. How could this justify one love for the Holy Prophet (PBUH)? A policeman was stoned to death as if he had made that blasphemous movie. A sense of responsibility and commonsense seems faded away from the people of Pakistan. We have clearly shown our enemies how na├»ve we are and how vulnerable we can be. 

We have become so intolerant and our conscience is long dead that we don’t even know where are heading too. Even a small spark can ignite the whole country leaving behind the ashes for the enemies to cheer on. What happened yesterday was definitely what one has expected but it has left a strange message for the people of Pakistan and a question mark for 1.8 billion Muslims.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

a random thought .

Its been a while since I have felt this way in my life ... I felt lonely and sad. I am upset or I am unhappy or may be its just a matter of time and I might get well soon I dont know what has happened to me or what is happening to me I am yet to understand the silence of my thoughts or is it just a delusion I am pretending to be. I dont feel like talking much I dont feel like doing much but I do talk and do things that I used to. Is it I am fed of doing same things every day or its just the boredom of my life. I am yet to explore the unrest of my soul or is it just what I am assuming that is.

I am missing you or its just the absence of yours bothering me much. Is it I love you more then I ever do or its just the memories that want me to think of you every day. Is it that I want to come out of your realm or its just that you are on my mind. Have God pour you in me to be there by default or its just that my heart being in me still yours? I have so many questions to ask and so many answers that I seek will you ever understand what I need to speak. Have this been what I always want to be or its just what you make me to be. Is it that I am incomplete without you or its just the breathe that have vanished away. I am dreaming or what was before were my dreams. Am I living a life in your mind or its just you the life that lives in me? Have this a charm of your beauty or is it you resting here with me.

I will do what I want but I can hide and I wont go I wont sleep and I cant breathe... until you are resting here with me. What is tangible is what the life or is it the euphoria of your memories. If you really exist then do come to me and if you dont exist then let me come to you .. a state where you and I can be no different .. but just the same blend in together... forever...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brain washing in Universities.....

Well, it has been a long time since I wrote my last piece and due to some unavoidable circumstances I could not write but here I am now...

This post was about my best friend who just left me because in her university she was taught that friendship with boys is haram. At first I was shocked to hear that and could not accept the fact that I was about to loose my best friend. It has been a long time since we became friends and it all got away in just few seconds. It was not easy for after so much we had in together the fun, the time, special memories. But nevertheless she was totally charmed and completely brain washed  what she had heard at her University.

Two very famous scholars visited her University and gave a lecture in which they told that friendship is haram with boys/men. No offense to those scholars who might have best qualification and experience in what they do but I want to ask them, where in Islam it is mentioned that friendship with boys is haram?

According to my experience I have not known of any other beautiful relation than friendship be it with boys or girls. I must mention that we all have been taught about our limitations and yes we should abide but it is a pure relation.  Beside this there is lot more those scholars have to learn about friendship. Friendship is a pure relation with pure feelings and any relation cant be as strong as rocks but the relation of friendship. Friend can be anybody, a father, a mother, a brother, sister colleagues class fellows and even Allah. We can even do friendship with good deeds. Calling such a relation haram, under what circumstances?

Eventually, I did my best to convince her but I failed and now she is gone long gone yet once again. This is a part of life and people and people go but there are some special people who physically are absent from your life but they always live in your memories. Thats why they are special. We tend to live our life and adopt the habit of living a life with a friend but it is hurting and every day we think about them pray for them and hope for them to return one day.

I do hope that my friend will come back some day as they say if you let the bird fly and if it is yours by heart it will return to you one day. I would like to appeal to all of those people out there stop spreading hatred and don't see Islam as a religion of hatred. There is a whole other side of Islam learn and spread that side of it which teaches love, friendship, peace and humanity.

That is all I have to say.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dreams of my past two days...

Its been a while now since I had those dreams.. but I will write it any how...

Dream 1:

I am at the airport and boarding in a plane.  I have no idea where that plane was about to fly. The plane was very small with limited crowd. I had a window seat. I hear the pilot saying that we should fasten our seat belts now as the plane is about to fly. The plane took off a few minutes later. Suddenly, we heard a explosion in the earshot and we could almost see it. It was in the right engine of the plane I could see the smoke emerging from the engine dark and black I could also see the sparks emerging. I thought to myself this was it and I will die, but plane landed safely in between desert. No body got injured during the landing.

this was the first dream ..

Dream 2:

I went to a tour of a zoo garden. It was a nice day the weather was fine and I was alone. While roaming around I saw a crocodile and due to some weird reason I leap over the cage and went inside. The crocodile eyes were closed and his mouth was wide open. I don't know what run into me and I decided to put my hand in his mouth with a thought that nothing would happen as the eyes of the crocodile were closed. I put my hand in his mouth and suddenly the crocodile sense my presence and open his eyes. In no time he close his upper jaw with some force. Puffff I woke up...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Top to Bottom: Dawn, Daily Times, Nation and Pakistan Observer

30 sec reading: The black man (a true story)

We are at the restaurant of a German University. A red haired student, and undeniably German takes her tray and sits down at her table.
She then realizes she has forgotten her cutlery and gets up again to pick it up.
Coming back, she sees with astonishment that a black man, possibly sub-Saharian by his appearance, is sitting there and is eating from her tray.
Straight away, the young woman feels lost and stressed . But immediately changes her thought and presumes that the African is not familiar with European customs concerning private property and privacy.
She also takes into consideration that perhaps he does not have enough money to pay for his meal.
In any case, she decides to sit in front of the guy and to smile at him in a friendly manner.
The African responds with another dazzling smile.
The German girl starts to help herself, –sharing the food with the black man with genuine pleasure and courtesy.
And thus, he took the salad, she ate the soup, both took their share of the stew, one took care of the yoghurt and the other of the piece of fruit,
All this peppered with numerous refined smiles – timid from the man and smoothly, encouraging and kind by the girl -.
They eat up their lunch.
The German girl gets up to get a coffee.
And it is then that she discovers, on the table behind the black man, her coat placed on the back of a chair and her food tray untouched.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Believe in a Happier Tomorrow - Brands India

New Friends are like Sunshine ...

Whenever in life I thought that I am alone and no one to friend with then God would send someone to take care of my smile. Apart from the worries I have there is a firm belief in my heart that God is always with me. God is there with me in any form in any face, in me or in terms of parents or in terms of nature or anywhere but is with me. The most important term or all relations God is present in term of a FRIEND.  Yes a friend who is nearest to ones heart and dearest in all relations.
After what I have been through I got broken and shattered lost among the dead. The past few months I had in my life were the worst. Even though those moments have passed they left a trail in my mind in my heart hard to get over with. I never feel the same as I did before. It was hard for me to recollect myself from what all happened. But I never gave up on God.
But then God sent someone for me. It was just few days’ back God introduced a new friend in my life. A very diligent and ardent personality makes her way into my life. It was an official business that brought us together however; it swiftly turned into a friendship and felt now it feels like we are childhood buddies. She is cute and yet she is tough but I never underestimate her nerves. There had not been any day that she has not made me smile as I always loved watching Tom and Jerry. At times it feels like I am talking to a stone and at times she is smoother then the water. She has a personality that nobody would have because cartoons are rarely made and hard to find. She is busy at most of the time and she talks once in a blue moon, with the fact that blue moon appears every day. She hardly starts a conversation but once she did you will know where the devil lives. But truly she is such true genius that what makes her special…. I mean especial. You never know what is going on her mind any minute she can blow you off, well she took army training. I always think thrice before taking any chances with her; she might know Kung Fu, you never know. It is a very sweet addition of sugar mixed with spice and before trying to pull her leg I have to think thrice.
She always makes me smile and go out of way to give time to me like a true friend that I really appreciate and admire.  I just feel like she is sunshine in my life after every dark night.  
Her great sacrifices and hard work also need consideration here as she is working very hard in her life to strive for a better future for herself and her family. I really respect her for what she is and I pray that she gets success in her life and in all the challenges she face in her life. I pray all the ill-fate days are rubbed away from her life and she get happiness and rainbows in her life. Ameen