Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Re-installing Windows Part II

Hello there, Welcome back to my boring blog which I am sure no body have read until now. Sometimes, this feeling really let you down but then, you know there is this feeling called 'self-satisfaction' also exists. You know, what I mean to say here. Any ways let me continue to my bewildered journey of installing Windows. I had never expected the turns that this incident could took. Any guesses? Bad guess. Let me tell you what happened next. After I put the new DVD for installation, Ah! I experienced that same error once again. This was really annoying. You know when you are willing to make things straight and there this stupid errors shows up at that moment, it really annoys you a lot. This would have never happened if I had not got into this. This all started when I got لالچی greedy about getting the original windows through an unreliable source. This is what happens when you get into 'copyright' thing. Asif had told me he got the original windows, over that I thought why not get the original version and get rid of the lame Windows copyright issue that might occur in future. It's kind of an insult you feel when someone important sitting next to you  and this windows genuine error pops out. You really find your self in a gawky position.

Well there this error showed up once again taking all my hopes and feelings flushed up down the drain. I was disheartened and annoyed and angry. You know when things are working ok and you try to manipulate them for your own good then you should better be ready for the consequences. Actually, I was'nt prepared for it. I thought, everything will work out and things will carry on just the way they are. Well, think twice and act wise, a very famous saying of all time. Well, the next thing on screen was you cannot continue with the installation because of blah blah blah error. This was really heart breaking all my day was wasted all my work for the day was halted. I felt really angry. But I tried my best to keep my self calm by letting myself believe that everything is gonna be alright. You know sometimes your best friend is you!.. yourself.

An unexpected turn ... I was hapless at this point and nothing came to my mind. I felt like my hands and legs are chopped off. I was feelings a mendicants wife. I went through my drawers where I put all my cds and dvds. And guess what just came to my sight. A Windows Vista DVD. I had this DvD of Windows Vista, which I always complained about and hating vista like hell. Running out of options, I picked it up without. Windows XP not in my good books any more. When one uses Windows 7 and get used to it then it's hard degrading back to the older versions. What, will you use windows 98 or 2000 or NT? No way, man. Our office bought it with a laptop which was bought for the Manager. Laptop, another hell of my passion. Lets not get onto that and stick with this topic right now. I took its cd out, while putting stone on my heart with shattered dreams, pity me! put the dvd in the rom and started the setup. hahaha ! I laughed on myself. It was me, always criticizing everybody not to use Vista. I had never ever recommended anybody to use Vista. I had always telling everyone please please please never install Vista, It will make your pc slow and 100 reasons to convince them for not using Vista. And today, Its me.. taadddaaaann. I am myself running the setup of Windows Vista. How cool! AH! Formating process was performed earlier so there was no need to format again. I run the setup installed the windows and there all the drivers and all softwares and voila the system was ready.

Lessons Learned..
You always learn lessons from your daily life happenings. And you know this incident taught me some good lesson. Well, actually many lessons but some important ones. Firstly, never get greedy, you will always drop in the hot soup if you get greedy about something. Secondly, never criticize anything unless and until you have strong reason to do that. Always think twice before making a decision or may be thrice if you really taking a big step. And many other lessons you readers must have figured out while reading this post. Well, this was it my experience of re-installing windows. I hope you guys had loved it. My next post will ...... let's see what crazy happens next.. till then take care. bye bye

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Re-installing windows... Part 1

Oh shit ! application crash error.. these windows errors bugging me all the time. I get fed of these irritating errors. Finally! today, I thought to re-install my windows and thanks to my colleague for bringing the orignal cd of Windows 7 for me. I tell you, i am so much impressed by Windows 7. It's a very usefull tool, user friendly and lots of options that makes easy for you to work.

I make all usefull backups in another drive. Finally I put the cd in the rom and there it goes the restart button. Boot system, then initiated startup and there it started. I was'nt aware of what I am about to witness. I was so curious to start the setup and format the drive. Wow, that was quick I said to Asif. He replied, the formating will be done quickly. It takes time installing windows afterwards. I said, Ok. The next word to pop out from my mouth were (Oye)..idher to error aagya . I felt like I have been mugged and all my wealth gone away in a click and all my dreams are broken into pieces. I gave a fierce look to Asif. Asif, what the hell is this yaar? Asif replied with a smug, it must the DVD rom error. Change your DVD rom it will work. luckily I had another DVD available in my good for nothing office. There I exchanged my rom and there it goes again. I prayed in my heart please work this time or I'll kill you. Sometimes strong occult feelings grow up in my head that there is some magic or some thing going on around. I don't know why this wierd feeling comes to my mind. Any how started up the setup again hoping that it will work this time. But again that ludicrous error pops out. A feeling or cry aroused in my heart and I feel like giving a tight punch to Asif. But, this honest and Pappu boy he looks so innocent from his face. I sucked up all my anger. The boy really work hard around here.

I bought a new DVD and trying to install it again by the time all its formalities are done thought of writing this post...

Continuation of this post will be done after I successfully install windows and will write from that computer. Untill then take care...and pray that stupid windows cd work out for me..

Monday, February 14, 2011

my first blog..

Hi this is Rizwan. I am myself and never tries to copy any body. At first I was hesistating in initiating this blog as I thought people would laugh at me. Then there is this friend Urooj, whom I don't know much but a good friend rather a freaky friend. Yes, sometimes I find her really freaky by her backward ideologies and stuff. However, I am starting this blog, when she insist and I hope I'll be successfull in making all of the readers laugh. I don't spend much time on writing but writing is a passion, which is growing up in myself day by day. I feel writing is the best way to describe your thinking, your feelings youself. I hope I write and write well that people appreciate it and appreciate it by heart.