Thursday, December 29, 2011

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Meeting with Rashid Ahmed...

A few days back I happen to meet this interesting personality in my office. The odd thing was I had to interview this guy and which I did with pleasure. He was decent, calm and passionate about his work. He carried a vast experience in his work and I felt proud to take an interview of such a personality. He showed me some of his designs and they were really impressive. I kept one of his calendar that he designed for his company. Every month had a picture of a child to whom his company is providing education with minimal charges. This was a very inspiring act and I got very impressed. The school lays its ground in different areas of Sindh distributing quality education to those who dream to study and want to be a shining star one day.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mere Dunya Ke Rung ~~

Today, I happened to attend an event organised by a NGO to celebrate the International Disability Day. The event was to celebrate their creative talents through an art competition. Children with different disabilities were supposed to paint and colour what they had in their mind. Considering it a platform where they can showcase their hidden talents the children did a vivid job.

In the modern society, disable people often get ignored. I know a lot of eye brows must have risen when I say that but accept it this is true. I have had this experience many times in public places as well as homes. But we need to understand that they are also a part of the society and they are no less capable than normal.

Well the event kicked off with a workshop organised by the students of Indus Valley. It was a win-win situation for all where every child gets to paint what they wanted to. They were not monitored or judged, they did whatever they wanted to paint. Soon after the workshop ended the real game began. An art competition which held among 200 children coming from 24 different school and academies competed with best of their abilities and potential.

The children were gathered here to express what they bear in their mind. The children were of different abilities. Some of them were hearing impaired, some were physically disabled and others bearing some kind of disability. The only way all of them could express their feelings under one roof was through paints and colours.

When the competition ended, I was astonished by the paintings that those children had made. Amongst one of the paintings that children drew one of them had some tanks that were firing on walls. Upon further look on the painting I figured out that a child had painted the recent NATO attack on Pakistani soldiers. I was taken aback with the thinking of the child and thought the child must be so sensitive.  

Other paintings included nature, houses, animals and flowers. The children were very enthusiastic and I could not find their talent any different from the normal children. They could paint well they could smile graciously they could play and do almost all those things that a normal child does.

At the end of the event several performances were performed by hearing impaired children aged 10 - 15 and if one does not know that they are hearing impaired one would never guess it. The way they performed was outstanding. Every child in the audience loved the performance and applauded it cheerfully.

The event was managed brilliantly by a group of volunteers who were from different universities. They were there to support the special children and the hard work resulted in a success of the event. All things went fine and event concluded with a positive note that such events should happen on a regular base to encourage those children and to highlight the potential and ability of those children.

In the end I would relate a sentence I once heard in a workshop, it goes like" We Need to take the Dis out of Ability”.  Yes that’s we all need to do and I wish we all could understand this sentence and start implementing on it.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Is Pakistan short of Good people?

                                Largest Pakistani Flag - courtesy google search

Every now and then we get to hear unwanted incidents happening in Pakistan. They may be in Karachi; they may be in Sialkot they may be in any part of the country. Most of those incidents never get to reported due to political pressures, power pressures, arms pressures and a lot of pressures that could result in consequences. Certain political affiliations and sources restrain people from reporting injustice and unfair incidents that may have happened with them. Now if such incident gets to reach the media by any means then they get highlighted all over Pakistan and all over the world. You can see it on internet and all social media sites.  

Reaction of such incidents
Now after people see such incidents the first thing they do is they criticise but for what? they will blame – what will it give? They will write against government- that will not bring justice? That will not bring any change either; they will do every possible thing to highlight the incident. Now the results of those reactions;
1)      The crime gets highlighted and the criminal gets caught and goes to jail
2)      All those who are not Pakistanis and don’t understand the integrity of living in Pakistan and get the image that we are terrorists.
They don’t even think what the circumstances must have been on the situation and first thing that comes to their mind is Pakistanis are terrorists.

What we need to understand
Yes, we need to react to such incidents but within the limits, within a certain boundary. People in Pakistan always criticise those who come at any time do anything and get away. But now the recent incident will give a view that even the people in Pakistan who are their saviours can do anything in Pakistan. We need to understand that there are other ways to protest such kind of incidents.
We need to control our emotions after watching such incidents, yes we need to raise our voices against the wrong but keeping in mind that we also need to save the image of our country. We should try not to hurt the image of Pakistan by our actions.

Are we short of Good People?
Are We, the Pakistanis have become short of good people. No, we are not.  They do exist between us and they live amongst us but they are inconspicuous. What just need to be done is to bring them forward. They may be your friends, colleagues relatives anyone. We need to let them do that is better for us, the nation and the country. We should support them, provide them opportunities to come forward and serve for the better of the people.
Every other day we get to hear an incident occurring and hurting the values of people heart and emotions of the people and we now need to stand and stand firm against the people who are not working in the interests of Pakistan. If we let happen what is happening and do nothing about it then we shall be prepared to see the destruction of our country. We shall stand and act smartly against such incidents so the deserving people should come forward and act for the best of Pakistan.

I love you – Can I kiss you , hug you?

What is now becoming a trend in teenagers and youngsters is that they think if they love each other then they can touch each other, kiss or hug each other. They dont think that this is bad or they dont have the feeling that they are doing anything wrong. What they think is they love each other so its ok if they do such things. Even worst, some predators are there in the out who wants more. More than hug and kiss what they really want is intercourse.
This is a very serious issue rising these days among many youngsters. Loving someone does not mean they have the right to do such things. If you really love someone then you should really learn to respect each other. You have to be honest with each other feelings. And you should learn to control your feelings. If you want to express love, then there are thousand other ways to express love but not by kissing or hugs. This is not right. You need to understand your values and you need to revisit your ideologies. Islam does not teach such things and these things are strictly prohibited in Islam. Those who are involved in such kind of activities please you need to understand and you also need to make your partner understand that such things are not good. We are replicating the doings of the westernise world and on a very fast pace. We should realise that sometimes such incidents can shatter someone’s life. It really impacts their confidence and can devastate their future.
I would like to appeal to parents to play an important role in these kinds of situations and on the other hand sex education is an important factor to control such incidents. If serious measures are not taken against such issues on time then one can only end in destroying themselves or even worst.
So all you girls who are reading this blog, please if someone who says he loves you and try to take advantage of you inform your parents immediately as well as inform his parents parents immediately.
Otherwise you will find yourself ended in being used by someone and loose the only thing you have that is your prestige..

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Luck is in the air !

Well done boys! an outstanding performance by the team today. It doesn't matter whether they win or not but I enjoyed every moment watching them play. I am a cricket maniac and when it comes to Pakistan there is no chance that I miss even a ball. Glued to my chair, watch every ball till the very end no matter what!
The match started off well with good shots. Openers of Pakistan team had good body language came in with an aggressive mode. They attacked on Sri Lankan bowlers from the start and did their job well. Bit of luck was also flying with Muhammad Hafeez as he got dropped once at the beginning and the vantage was taken.  Loose balls were beautifully and skillfully put away to boundaries while Imran Farhat also silenced the critics today. Questions about his selection in the team were answered today and he proved with his bat he is worth a selection.

After a challenging total of 150 in 30 overs was put up by the openers things began to get amiss for the Pakistani team. An unfortunate run out of Misbah-ul-Haq happened where he was trying to participate in a running game with Malinga. I have been abortive in understanding the mind set of this man. Sometimes, he thinks he is playing a test match in a one-day and at times he wake up in the ending overs putting up good show adding valuable runs. And today, my goodness! He was in a competition with SL Malinga. Back in my mind comparing both physiques I thought Misbah could have won that race for his wicket if only he would have cared to run a bit earlier when Malinga was leaping toward the ball. Well, unfortunately Misbah today was not your day to play the test match.

Umar Akmal also got unlucky today; the man in form got bowled by a beautiful Yorker. Nice show was eventually put up by Razzaq and Afridi as they both played their natural game and losing their wickets in the fasshion was not a surprise at all. Afridi got out similarly what he is notorious around. He looked dangerous though but only sensible cricket can lead the batsman till the end LALA!.

Younis Khan, Pakistani wall I would say! Kept it nice and cool played a sensible innings. He tried different things today while facing Malinga but that couldn’t save him from getting run out by Prasanna. Even though the fielder took his time reaching the ball yet the luck was not in favour of Younis Khan this time. He played well though.

Sohail Tanvir was probably lost somewhere today. He is capable of batting but it took time for him to ground his feet in the pitch today. He played some childish shots earlier on but managed to achieve double figures however.

Umar Gul tried his best to put the ball out of the ground but he need to understand that he has to hit the ball first to fly it out of the ground. Well, hope so he put a good show with the ball today.
The graph of runs went up high but unfortunately didn’t end on a higher note. Having said that it is a challengeable total Pakistan has put on and in a good position to win the game. They have a potential bowling start. Let’s hope and pray they restrict Sri Lanka and win the game!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mosquitoes in a plane

After almost a year I happened to visit Islamabad to attend a media workshop on Hazard Awareness and Disaster Reporting organsied by an NGO in a local hotel.  Although it was a one day visit yet I was very excited about it. Everything was packed and ready and my flight was at 7:00 in the morning and I was traveling by a private airline.
Eventually I am cool about my flight timings and not like to rush for everything yet I reached the airport one hour before departure and the credit goes to MY DAD!! I went through all the procedures and got hold of my ticket then hurling into the waiting area. After an hour without any announcement we marched through the gate and into the airplane. All the passengers were ensconced and everything was fine till then.
 All of a sudden I began to notice mosquitoes flying inside the plane. Oye!!  My day plans were over shadowed by the buzzing of those mosquitoes that were lurching over our heads and seats. I kept wondering how come an international airline didn’t have any arrangements for those mosquitoes at the same time when we hear a death almost every day. With such an alarming situation of dengue in the country and a grave threat to the lives of people we were still traveling with mosquitoes in our plane. Only in my wildest dreams!  I first thought to complain the flight attendant but then I stopped and wonder it will create an unnecessary panic amongst other passengers. So I sat quietly and thought to complain while leaving the aircraft.
The journey was good but not very peaceful as there were so many mothers traveling with their infants. The crying of children continued all the way to Islamabad. At last, I heard the bell that brought joy to my heart and an announcement was made by the pilot (Mr. Hasan) that we will be landing shortly. PHEW!! WE reached safely and I was at ease. The thought of air blue crash was running all way in my mind and I was a bit scared too.  But then luckily I survive the day and left the airport for my purpose of coming Islamabad.
Finally I reached my destination and attended a worthy workshop which taught me so many things regarding disaster. We were briefed about the techniques of reporting we should be careful about while reporting for any disaster.  It was a warm day and I was pleasantly invited by my friend and his 6 year old son who made my day and made me forgot about the mosquitoes ….

Saturday, August 13, 2011

outcomes of racism and terrorism......

Everyday when I come to office my first task is to monitor news print and electronic both. From the past few months I am hesitating in doing so, as I would always knew what would be there to read or to hear from our Media. Yes, I would know everyday so and so number of people have got victimised to sectarian violence so many have died and so many have been kidnapped burnt or worst comes worst got exploded in a suicide blast. Every now and then I keep on wondering what have happened to my country, it was never used to be like this? who are those people muslims non muslims or what? are they not humans? dont they carry a heart? dont they have feelings? dont they fear from the day of judgment? Do they ever think what they are doing will leave such a negative impact on the coming generations. Dont they realise what future they are providing to the generation that is coming. The outcomes of such happenings can never leave a positive impact on anyone's mind.
the outcomes of such incidents will obliterate peace happiness economy and faith in people. It already have impacted on so many people lives that those who were dependent on daily basis earnings are crying their hearts out. They are the most who are suffering from this plague. Their children are the most who are suffering. Those innocent creature what is their fault what bad have they done to any one? One day all those behind these doings will be punished.those external powers behind these murdering or should I say brutal murdering will be questioned one day. they will be brought to justice may be not in this world but definitely in the world after life. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fighting for women’s rights: 21-year-old winner aspires to become a lawyer in G-B

Saeeda Mir, who came first at the International Book Writing Competition-USA in June, dreams of becoming a lawyer to fight for women’s rights in Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B).
She completed against 1,900 people of all ages, as there was no age restriction, and stood first.
“My accomplishment has made me and my family proud and I hope the President of Pakistan acknowledges my achievement and gives me the pride of performance award to encourage me,” the 21-year-old Mir from Sultanabad, an underdeveloped area of Gilgit, told The Express Tribune.
For her achievement, she was awarded Rs500,000 by the Prime Minister, but the G-B government is yet to take notice of her achievements. She believes the government should encourage youngsters to work hard and take initiative.
“G-B students are very talented, they only need exposure and the resources to explore their hidden skills,” she said.
She added there are very few educational facilities in G-B, and there is no separate women’s university.
She believes her plans of following a career in law are in line with the deplorable conditions she considers women to be in.
She says they are facing numerous challenges, “These women are yet to get justice as far as their rights are concerned and for that they need women judges, lawyers and women right leaders to boost their morale.”
She has received a six year scholarship at People’s Law College in Hawaii, Los Angeles.
She plans to pursue a degree in International Law and aspires to become a Judge in Gilgit after completing her studies. She is currently pursuing her BA in Margalla College and completed F.Sc from Army Public School in Gilgit.
Mir describes herself as an ardent reader and said she writes on different topics to sharpen her writing skills.
She is the eldest of the three daughters and two sons of Mir Baz Khan, a businessman. Baz, who shifted to Islamabad for his children’s education, said that he always encourages his daughter to take part in extra-curricular activities alongside her studies.
He wants his daughter to become a lawyer and serve the women in G-B.
Originally published in the Express Tribune August 08, 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

My visit to Punjab...

Though my visit was not a planned one neither I wanted to visit Punjab like this. The reason was the sad demise of my beloved uncle who passed away on Monday (11 July 2011) and this sad news was delivered soon to our doorstep. He was living with his wife and children in Uch Shareef, a remote village few kilometers before from Bhawalpur. I was not scheduled to go but my mother and my uncles but insisted me to come as my mother could not travel without me. 

That day at office went in a haste. It was Monday evening when I went directly to the bus station which is in sorab goth. I was told to reach there by 16:30 as the bus was likely to leave by 17:00. I rushed to reach the venue. To my ease, when I saw the bus and my relatives standing by the bus. The male members were standing outside while the females were already boarded. I greeted everybody and looked for my mother and sat beside her after spotting her in the fifth row. I could see the smug on her face the moment she saw me.  I was not carrying anything as she had already taken my clothes in her bag. It was 17:00 and the bus was about to move. All my relatives and other passengers were in the bus except our driver. One of the passengers called that lousy guy and argued to start the bus as the time given had already passed. After a few minutes he obliged to started moving. 

After traveling a short distance he stopped the bus at the bus adda where all the other buses were standing. For once, we all thought that this might be a checkup before leaving but surprisingly the driver sat besides with a table with his conductor and a few men accompanied him. At first we could not understand what was going on but then a passenger shouted from behind and appealed the bus driver to start the bus and leave. The bus driver was least bothered to reply. One of my relative stepped down and asked him what was going on?
When he came back he told us that the bus will not move unless all the seats are booked. I told to myself in my heart and wonder what shit we were into now. Traveling from a local bus was not a good idea at all. And the worst was that we had to stand there for 1 hour unless the bus got filled up and ready to move. While standing there, local vendors kept coming in and would smitten the passengers to buy their stupid products. Well finally the bus got filled and was ready to move and I thank God for giving me patience and making the bus to move.
The driver drove the bus roughly all the way and we all kept wondering whether we will reach alive or not. A few stops in between at the designated stops while other stops were made unnecessarily in between wherever our driver's own wish whether it would be in a jungle or a city. I kept controlling my cool and not to burst out on the driver as my family was traveling with me and I did not wanted to take any risk. The journey went in awake and sleep for intervals as I could not sleep properly. We reached the place next morning around 06:00 and loaded off our stuff and bags from the bus.
Our cousin was there to receive us and we went on a motor bike rikshaw to his place. On the way I could see women in the fields plucking something and I thought how remote this village could be. Soon after we reached the place we could hear the crying of our relatives (my late uncle's family).  After the last didar (final view of face) we decided to take him to the grave yard. After offering his namaz janaza (funeral prayers) in a field nearby we took him to the grave yard. There is only one grave yard in that village for our community and that is situated in the shrine of Peer Hassan Kabeerdin. After burying him we went to his house where his family had arranged everything. After eating the lunch we all decided to leave for Karachi in the evening. 

While sitting at their home I got a chance to talk to my cousin. She told me that she is now studying in Bhawalpur University. She said there was no good school, college or university around where they could get intellectual education and so she decided to study in Bhawalpur University. And so did her sister who wants to become a nurse in the future. 

I could understand their agony as the education system was worse in that village. I told them they had made a right decision and was happy to see them taking good education. I appreciated their efforts and wished them good luck. After taking a brief nap we all decided to leave. 

So that’s how my visit to Punjab came to an end when we returned to Karachi. I have not written much about my visit. There were more things to write about. However the time does not allow me to write much as I get very little time for my blog. I hope someday when I am fluent in writing I would rather write much interesting things and visits until then keep enjoying reading.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Female soul in a man's body ...

At first I thought, I was not going to write it but then I realised how much I was keen to write about him. Yes, he is my colleague unfortunately, and that how it is. I like it or not, I will have to accept it. He is a film within himself and a jinn outside himself. He can make you mad and if you try to confront him he will become sad. He will move like women talk like women even think like women, I could only find one thing that makes him man. He can do pak pak pak all the day and you want or not he will always say. Sometimes I pray, Please GOD save me.. or else he will cleave me.

His growing up was with seeing those star plus dramas and ptv dramas and he had spent most of his life with women. I can only pray for him that he soon should realise what sex he is and he should try and improvise better skills of communications. As far as I am concern I am always supporting him, helping him, bearing him and teaching him. Although he gets to my nerve most of the times but thats the way he is and by luck or chuck, I have to accept him.

I could only figure out onething for him that God has placed a wrong soul in a wrong body.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A life with a life but no more ....

It was about midnight when I received a message from a very close friend that stated
 “Riz.. I need help” as always ready in helping friends, I replied “tell me”. My friend replied “there is this kitty that is alone in my friend’s building after her mother had abandoned her. The building people are trying to throw that kitty in sewerage, can you adopt her?”
I thought for a while and replied “yes”, I can but not now tomorrow morning.
Connecting with a new LIFE
It was Sunday and I went to her friend’s house which was not distant from my house. Rung the bell her brother came to the door. I told him why I was there. He let me in and I ensconce in their sitting room. She joined us shortly and brought a box in which she had kept that kitty. I could hear her meow meow voice coming from the box.  
She was subtle, small and cute and so lovely that I wanted to hold her in my hands right away. But then I thought she is really small and I should wait until she is about 6 weeks or so.
I brought her to my house, the new home for the kitty. Though my mom kept shouting at me and scolded me a lot, but still she knew I was going to keep the kitty. She knows when I want to do something no matter what I will do it.
Getting a name “Momi”
The next move was to get kitty a name. Well, I asked for suggestions from lots of people and friends and the best name came was Momi. Sound a bit obnoxious but I named her Momi.
I fed her day and night and took care of Momi as best as I could. She was rigid and playful. She won’t take feed that easy and would play with me. She would know when I am feeding her and when my mother is. I always scratch her head gently before feeding her and love her hold her in my hands and talk to her.  I cleaned her with warm water every two hours and love her like she is my daughter. I got attached with Momi in no time.
The best thing about us was she could sense my touch, she always knew when I was touching her and when someone else is.
 Children at my home got excited to see a new creature coming home and they got busy playing with her all the time. They asked questions, uncountable questions about Momi and I got tired answering them all. My niece would get scare if I try to put Momi in her hands and ran away all the time. She always saw Momi from a distance and never tried to come near her.
Loosing Momi
It was the third day when Momi got weak very weak from the day I brought her. Her voice would tremble and was very low as comparative from the first day. I got worried and decided to take her to a vet. I brought her to office that day and gave a search on internet as well as had appointments.
After confirming Momi’s appointment I went to see her in the kitchen to tell her that I will take her to doctor today. She was asleep, and won’t respond to me (which she would always do when I speak with her).
Her hands and knees were stick together into her stomach; I thought she must be in deep sleep. I shook the box to wake her up, still she did’nt respond. I touched her and got shattered as I felt her cold body. I tried to awake her but she would not respond. I kept telling myself no she is alive, she will talk to me she would respond me. I kept confronting my heart and without wasting a minute I immediately took her to a doctor where she was pronounced dead. I was completely broken. I asked if anything could be done to bring her back, but he said no it’s useless.
That was it, I’d lost Momi forever.
Momi, you would always stay in my mind my heart and always be a part of my life. I wish I could bring you back and I miss you Momi and will always do.
A Life With A Life but NoMore….

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A pleasure of being a scooty !

Misbah, my adorable niece. She is lovable smart kissable. She becomes my janu and at times I become her janu. She hugs me when I am sad and she wanted me to protect her from her mom when she gets mad. She wants to eat all the choclates in a day and she want her chachu to bring them back the next day. She can be only seen in peace while she is sleeping. She is my dear sweet heart at times I feel I cant live without her and at times Ufff JAAN SHOR MERI !... I love her I love her so much and she loves me too. She loves me so much that she even becomes my mom, (tu mera beta ban ja..) She is my beta when she will see me with juice and chips and she will become my niece as soon as they are finished!. She want to ride my bike and want me to sit at the back so she could take me to her school and want me to study there and she could go to my office and work. She is the most lovely creature I have ever met apart from when she wakes up. She wants me to become her scooty and her jumping bed so that she could have fun. She i my love and she is my heart and I pray God please ! give her back her brains...

A visit to Sultan Mahomed Shah School, Karimabad

Education is the movement from darkness to light.  ~Allan Bloom

Enthusiastic, Energetic and Excited are the three Es I found in today's generation. I entered the school with ideas in my mind and with the thoughts that how I will be coping with today’s task and how I will have to train the students for a short TV interview with a TV Channel.  I was told to reach by 10, but I reached there by quarter to ten so that I get enough time to brainstorm the children about the activity. 

I entered the reception area and was greeted meekly by a young gentleman standing there. I told him my reason of coming and wanted to see the school principal, which was conveyed to the principal's office in a very short time. I was told to wait in the reception area as she was busy in a meeting and will be called shortly. While sitting there I observed my surroundings and everything that I could see and observe. The area was quite, calm and attractive. I could nt find any reason for not studying there as the place was so education friendly.  The soft board was filled with pictures of medals and awards that were claimed by the students of the school.

After 5 minutes I was called in by the principal and his secretary/admin guy Imran came to escort me to the office. I was greeted with a positive energy and he was kind. There she was in her room sitting checking some papers. After short introduction, I explained her about the situation and she understood it quite well. She then briefed about some facts and workings of the school structure and the role of Mr. Imran, who in her words is the Jack of all trades for her school. Soon, we were served with drinks and water. 

After a while the students were called in all girls medium and short heighted, sweet and cute belonging to different classes. I requested for some boys as well, who also joined us shortly. They all looked confident to me and their faces were telling me I don’t have to work much on them.  I explained them about the reason of my presence and what was about to happen shortly. Basically, it was a short speech for a TV channel which will be aired tomorrow in celebration of International Children's Day. I was worried in my mind how the students are going to deliver their speech. I gave them five minutes for preparation. And soon I received a call from the TV guy that they have reached to the venue. I received them and told them to prepare their equipments as we were about to start. 

I returned to the principal's office where the children were ready for their say. I took a short test of all the students so I could scrutinize their ability and their weaknesses.  But I was astonished to hear all of them brilliantly in English plus they were so confident. I imagined at their age, I could nt even say anything in front of my parents. And they were mashallah very splendid. I heard them one by one and was very happy to see that our next generation is so sharp. I wished in my heart that I would have been so lucky to learn and study in this school. They were all full of ideas and they could just outclass you.

For a moment, I felt like I should restart my school and take admission in this school and restore my personality. They told me about their activities which were fantastic and so encouraging. I just wished if I had been given the kind of exposure at their standard I must have been a completely different person. Even though, I am not that bad :)

Well, the kids did great job and gave good messages on the eve of Children's Day and we winded up as quickly as we could. We also did some shots in computer lab where I saw small children working on computers and typing like they have been professionals. 

In all, the environment, kids, staff and most of all the motive of the day was very very nice and I shall pray that parents should plan better education for their kids. Education that make them confident that groom their personality and that have the power to change the future. They are our future, the future of Pakistan and if they are not given the kind of exposure and environment then I must say the future of Pakistan will get bleak.

Thank you Allah, for granting me such a wonderful day with such wonderful kids. I wish them all the best for their future and for their goals that they want to achieve in their lives. Amen.