Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A life with a life but no more ....

It was about midnight when I received a message from a very close friend that stated
 “Riz.. I need help” as always ready in helping friends, I replied “tell me”. My friend replied “there is this kitty that is alone in my friend’s building after her mother had abandoned her. The building people are trying to throw that kitty in sewerage, can you adopt her?”
I thought for a while and replied “yes”, I can but not now tomorrow morning.
Connecting with a new LIFE
It was Sunday and I went to her friend’s house which was not distant from my house. Rung the bell her brother came to the door. I told him why I was there. He let me in and I ensconce in their sitting room. She joined us shortly and brought a box in which she had kept that kitty. I could hear her meow meow voice coming from the box.  
She was subtle, small and cute and so lovely that I wanted to hold her in my hands right away. But then I thought she is really small and I should wait until she is about 6 weeks or so.
I brought her to my house, the new home for the kitty. Though my mom kept shouting at me and scolded me a lot, but still she knew I was going to keep the kitty. She knows when I want to do something no matter what I will do it.
Getting a name “Momi”
The next move was to get kitty a name. Well, I asked for suggestions from lots of people and friends and the best name came was Momi. Sound a bit obnoxious but I named her Momi.
I fed her day and night and took care of Momi as best as I could. She was rigid and playful. She won’t take feed that easy and would play with me. She would know when I am feeding her and when my mother is. I always scratch her head gently before feeding her and love her hold her in my hands and talk to her.  I cleaned her with warm water every two hours and love her like she is my daughter. I got attached with Momi in no time.
The best thing about us was she could sense my touch, she always knew when I was touching her and when someone else is.
 Children at my home got excited to see a new creature coming home and they got busy playing with her all the time. They asked questions, uncountable questions about Momi and I got tired answering them all. My niece would get scare if I try to put Momi in her hands and ran away all the time. She always saw Momi from a distance and never tried to come near her.
Loosing Momi
It was the third day when Momi got weak very weak from the day I brought her. Her voice would tremble and was very low as comparative from the first day. I got worried and decided to take her to a vet. I brought her to office that day and gave a search on internet as well as had appointments.
After confirming Momi’s appointment I went to see her in the kitchen to tell her that I will take her to doctor today. She was asleep, and won’t respond to me (which she would always do when I speak with her).
Her hands and knees were stick together into her stomach; I thought she must be in deep sleep. I shook the box to wake her up, still she did’nt respond. I touched her and got shattered as I felt her cold body. I tried to awake her but she would not respond. I kept telling myself no she is alive, she will talk to me she would respond me. I kept confronting my heart and without wasting a minute I immediately took her to a doctor where she was pronounced dead. I was completely broken. I asked if anything could be done to bring her back, but he said no it’s useless.
That was it, I’d lost Momi forever.
Momi, you would always stay in my mind my heart and always be a part of my life. I wish I could bring you back and I miss you Momi and will always do.
A Life With A Life but NoMore….

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