Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brain washing in Universities.....

Well, it has been a long time since I wrote my last piece and due to some unavoidable circumstances I could not write but here I am now...

This post was about my best friend who just left me because in her university she was taught that friendship with boys is haram. At first I was shocked to hear that and could not accept the fact that I was about to loose my best friend. It has been a long time since we became friends and it all got away in just few seconds. It was not easy for after so much we had in together the fun, the time, special memories. But nevertheless she was totally charmed and completely brain washed  what she had heard at her University.

Two very famous scholars visited her University and gave a lecture in which they told that friendship is haram with boys/men. No offense to those scholars who might have best qualification and experience in what they do but I want to ask them, where in Islam it is mentioned that friendship with boys is haram?

According to my experience I have not known of any other beautiful relation than friendship be it with boys or girls. I must mention that we all have been taught about our limitations and yes we should abide but it is a pure relation.  Beside this there is lot more those scholars have to learn about friendship. Friendship is a pure relation with pure feelings and any relation cant be as strong as rocks but the relation of friendship. Friend can be anybody, a father, a mother, a brother, sister colleagues class fellows and even Allah. We can even do friendship with good deeds. Calling such a relation haram, under what circumstances?

Eventually, I did my best to convince her but I failed and now she is gone long gone yet once again. This is a part of life and people and people go but there are some special people who physically are absent from your life but they always live in your memories. Thats why they are special. We tend to live our life and adopt the habit of living a life with a friend but it is hurting and every day we think about them pray for them and hope for them to return one day.

I do hope that my friend will come back some day as they say if you let the bird fly and if it is yours by heart it will return to you one day. I would like to appeal to all of those people out there stop spreading hatred and don't see Islam as a religion of hatred. There is a whole other side of Islam learn and spread that side of it which teaches love, friendship, peace and humanity.

That is all I have to say.