Friday, April 29, 2011

Mushkil encyclopedia

“Tumhari Mushkil Encyclopedia”…. Butterfly

It is hard to describe my feelings after hearing your stunning questions. I become speechless and wordless like what i have ever learned rub away in a single mint. I want to reply them but I don’t understand how to? I am ready but not yet ready, I can trust you yet I cannot. It is difficult for me at times to face you to face your heavy breathing, to face you while you are at your best. It is difficult for me to overcome my fears to overcome those boundaries that I had perpetrate for myself. At times you make me do things I have never thought of and sometimes you just touch my heart. It’s been a few days since I know you but whenever I am with you it feels like that we were born together and have spent our lives together since a long time. Facing you is the most difficult thing to do. Especially when you ask me those questions that made me dumb most of the times. It makes me forget my knowledge I have ever known, it makes me absent yet present. I am never prepared and I can never expect you. I can never expect or judge you hence I cant deny you. I never know about you, I cannot assume you, I cannot pretend you. What I keep thinking is that what is next? All I know is that I am going to go blank over your questions from your “muskil encyclopedia” 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sawari of a ghora gari - shahi sawari .

After a long time I had a chance to sit in the horse carriage as my nephew insisted he wanted a ride of it. Ghora Gari, the traditional name known mostly by the local skin. Demand of Ghora Gari has fallen now because of rising culture of CNG tuk tuk. People prefer to use them instead of ghora gari. 

It reminded me of my school days and the days when we used to be innocent. Innocent so that I do not know any tactful wold breeding outside my own world, my innocent world. I use to live in my fantasy world that was filled with fun and fairies. I had two major hobbies to do going school and tuition. Me and my brother and sister used to go in horse cart to study in tuition. We use to hang along the corners of the cart while going to tuition and I use to jump around. The person who used to drive the carriage was very simple and very good man. Though he had five teeth which he use for shouting and calling our names. Those persons usually called "Mama" were responsible to take care of the horses and look after the cart as well. I dont remember the name of my mama but he always used to say Rizwan, You are a good boy. He was hardly literate or could read or write anything. However I dont know from where he learned that sentence. But he used to say that sentence whenever he used to pick us up and drop to tuition. I still remember his whipping. He used to whip the horse very often, poor horse. He also taught me how to drive horse cart and I still remember it. They used to tie a thick leather rope with the nose and mouth of the horse which they use as steering. If you want the horse to move right then you must pull the right rope and if left and left rope and if you want to apply break or want the horse to stop then you have to pull both of them together. 

Sometimes I made the little animal mad then he used to kick us from his legs but the height and the wooden shield used to save us from his legs. 

It was fun in those days and now that we are grown up it seems that our lives are similar to those horse tied to the carts. Sometime we get whipped by the agonies of the people but still we need to stand firm and if we had fed ourselves with mazes and grass (with good deeds and prayers) then we will be able to stand firm against the whippings. Every experience in our lives teaches us a lesson and does this memory holds a special place in my mind....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My morning laziness.....

Ah, it’s just 6:00am in the morning, how come I am up so early? Two hours more to get ready for office let me sleep again. Close my eyes on my way on clouds and lost in the world of dreams once again.

buzzzzzzz buzzzzzz, damn mobile, buzzing again.. I feel like smashing it on ground and break it in two pieces..hain? no no then I feel bad about it and say to myself 17000 ka phatka no ways, my cutie pie my sweet heart kiss it and then again put it back to its place right under my pillow. You know, now days it is not easy to buy such an expensive mobile again and again. sit on cloud kick the paddle and start my cloud bicycle.. brrrrrmmmmm brrrmmmmmm speed away in dreams once again..

While making all out of my morning sleep I sometime feels that time is running so fast in the morning that I don't get any chance to get a good sleep. Suddenly, a voice trembles into my ears. Rizwan Beta! Uth jao ab (wake up now), aath baj gaye hain (its 8oclock now) wake up… there in a deep shock I feels like someone has just given me a 1000 volts of current I jumped out of my bed watching my clock. UGH!!! Only 7 am papa let me sleep more I will get up at 7:30 for sure. (my dad knows how to tease me).. There I am floating myself again in bed like someone has plugged out my batteries ..

8:00 am

AAAAAAAAAAAA 8 baj gaye (its 8 oclock) oh dear I couldn’t get up I am going to be late for office now. I start to rush for things like someone just plugged in new batteries, and I tend to do so many things at the same time. I have to leave at 8:20 to reach my office by 9 otherwise I will be counted late and three late means one off which is not affordable at times. You know my office has taught me to work on tight deadlines nah… 

Well this was my morning laziness, every night when I go to bed I tell myself to wake up early and read my prayers and do some exercise and jog a bit and promise to my parents yes I will do that next morning pakka jee pakka (confirm, I will do it) and every morning my laziness takes command over my head and I don’t know what just happens to me….

Monday, April 4, 2011

Inconspicuous heritage of Bahawalpur..

Noor Mehal – the hidden gem of Bahawalpur
(I have not visited the place personally; I was requested by someone to write a piece on it)

Night View of the Mehal

Pakistan has the honour of being enriched with some of the most beautiful and wonderful architectural buildings in the world. There are many ancient buildings resting in the earth of Pakistan bearing stories within themselves and connecting the people of twentieth century with the generations of erstwhile hundred years back.
In one of those beautiful monuments is a beautiful palace built in the heart of Pakistan. It cannot be found easily because it is not accessible to general public but can be discovered on net. I have not visited this place personally I discovered it through someone who have actually visited that place and the way I was told about this place I was forced to take a look on this beautiful memory of some one’s true and heart touching love. What I observe from its view is the passion and feelings hidden behind the building that speak for itself loudly after taking a profound look on the architect and material of the building.

Perfection speaks for itself
Nawab Sadiq
The great piece of architecture was built during 1800 century when modernity was dabbing its feet in the soils of Pakistan. The charming Mahal was built by Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan IV who was also known as Shah Jahan of Bahawalpur, for his loving wife. He was known passionate for his love and interest in constructing beautiful buildings. The sign of love, marvelous architect and astonishing Mehal is known as Noor Mehal.

The foundation of the palace was laid in 1872 and was engineered and architect by an Englishman name Hennan. Most of the palace material was imported from Italy and England. It is also said that underneath the beautiful building is a map of coins of the state is buried as a good omen. Total cost of the palace was 1.2 million rupees and the Mahal consist 32 rooms, 6 verandas and 5 domes. The design speaks as an example of best Islamic architecture with a tinge of sub continental style. The construction of the palace was concluded in 1875. His wife stayed there for just one night and after that it was unused during his reign.

After Bahawalpur got merged into Pakistan, Army department of Pakistan purchased the Mehal at the price of 119 million rupees and since then this is not open to general public. It is now being open for student trips or general visitors. It is also used for state darbars and meetings for foreign delegates. 

While watching the pictures of Noor Mehal on internet I was charmed and enchained by its beauty as it speaks of the hidden love of the Nawab for his begum. I wish, in my life time I once visit this Mehal and feel the magic and love hidden in those walls of the Mehal and that can only be felt by touching them with own bear hands.