Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sawari of a ghora gari - shahi sawari .

After a long time I had a chance to sit in the horse carriage as my nephew insisted he wanted a ride of it. Ghora Gari, the traditional name known mostly by the local skin. Demand of Ghora Gari has fallen now because of rising culture of CNG tuk tuk. People prefer to use them instead of ghora gari. 

It reminded me of my school days and the days when we used to be innocent. Innocent so that I do not know any tactful wold breeding outside my own world, my innocent world. I use to live in my fantasy world that was filled with fun and fairies. I had two major hobbies to do going school and tuition. Me and my brother and sister used to go in horse cart to study in tuition. We use to hang along the corners of the cart while going to tuition and I use to jump around. The person who used to drive the carriage was very simple and very good man. Though he had five teeth which he use for shouting and calling our names. Those persons usually called "Mama" were responsible to take care of the horses and look after the cart as well. I dont remember the name of my mama but he always used to say Rizwan, You are a good boy. He was hardly literate or could read or write anything. However I dont know from where he learned that sentence. But he used to say that sentence whenever he used to pick us up and drop to tuition. I still remember his whipping. He used to whip the horse very often, poor horse. He also taught me how to drive horse cart and I still remember it. They used to tie a thick leather rope with the nose and mouth of the horse which they use as steering. If you want the horse to move right then you must pull the right rope and if left and left rope and if you want to apply break or want the horse to stop then you have to pull both of them together. 

Sometimes I made the little animal mad then he used to kick us from his legs but the height and the wooden shield used to save us from his legs. 

It was fun in those days and now that we are grown up it seems that our lives are similar to those horse tied to the carts. Sometime we get whipped by the agonies of the people but still we need to stand firm and if we had fed ourselves with mazes and grass (with good deeds and prayers) then we will be able to stand firm against the whippings. Every experience in our lives teaches us a lesson and does this memory holds a special place in my mind....

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