Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dragging in the army - Published in Daily Times 26 August 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

outcomes of racism and terrorism......

Everyday when I come to office my first task is to monitor news print and electronic both. From the past few months I am hesitating in doing so, as I would always knew what would be there to read or to hear from our Media. Yes, I would know everyday so and so number of people have got victimised to sectarian violence so many have died and so many have been kidnapped burnt or worst comes worst got exploded in a suicide blast. Every now and then I keep on wondering what have happened to my country, it was never used to be like this? who are those people muslims non muslims or what? are they not humans? dont they carry a heart? dont they have feelings? dont they fear from the day of judgment? Do they ever think what they are doing will leave such a negative impact on the coming generations. Dont they realise what future they are providing to the generation that is coming. The outcomes of such happenings can never leave a positive impact on anyone's mind.
the outcomes of such incidents will obliterate peace happiness economy and faith in people. It already have impacted on so many people lives that those who were dependent on daily basis earnings are crying their hearts out. They are the most who are suffering from this plague. Their children are the most who are suffering. Those innocent creature what is their fault what bad have they done to any one? One day all those behind these doings will be punished.those external powers behind these murdering or should I say brutal murdering will be questioned one day. they will be brought to justice may be not in this world but definitely in the world after life. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fighting for women’s rights: 21-year-old winner aspires to become a lawyer in G-B

Saeeda Mir, who came first at the International Book Writing Competition-USA in June, dreams of becoming a lawyer to fight for women’s rights in Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B).
She completed against 1,900 people of all ages, as there was no age restriction, and stood first.
“My accomplishment has made me and my family proud and I hope the President of Pakistan acknowledges my achievement and gives me the pride of performance award to encourage me,” the 21-year-old Mir from Sultanabad, an underdeveloped area of Gilgit, told The Express Tribune.
For her achievement, she was awarded Rs500,000 by the Prime Minister, but the G-B government is yet to take notice of her achievements. She believes the government should encourage youngsters to work hard and take initiative.
“G-B students are very talented, they only need exposure and the resources to explore their hidden skills,” she said.
She added there are very few educational facilities in G-B, and there is no separate women’s university.
She believes her plans of following a career in law are in line with the deplorable conditions she considers women to be in.
She says they are facing numerous challenges, “These women are yet to get justice as far as their rights are concerned and for that they need women judges, lawyers and women right leaders to boost their morale.”
She has received a six year scholarship at People’s Law College in Hawaii, Los Angeles.
She plans to pursue a degree in International Law and aspires to become a Judge in Gilgit after completing her studies. She is currently pursuing her BA in Margalla College and completed F.Sc from Army Public School in Gilgit.
Mir describes herself as an ardent reader and said she writes on different topics to sharpen her writing skills.
She is the eldest of the three daughters and two sons of Mir Baz Khan, a businessman. Baz, who shifted to Islamabad for his children’s education, said that he always encourages his daughter to take part in extra-curricular activities alongside her studies.
He wants his daughter to become a lawyer and serve the women in G-B.
Originally published in the Express Tribune August 08, 2011