Sunday, November 27, 2011

Is Pakistan short of Good people?

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Every now and then we get to hear unwanted incidents happening in Pakistan. They may be in Karachi; they may be in Sialkot they may be in any part of the country. Most of those incidents never get to reported due to political pressures, power pressures, arms pressures and a lot of pressures that could result in consequences. Certain political affiliations and sources restrain people from reporting injustice and unfair incidents that may have happened with them. Now if such incident gets to reach the media by any means then they get highlighted all over Pakistan and all over the world. You can see it on internet and all social media sites.  

Reaction of such incidents
Now after people see such incidents the first thing they do is they criticise but for what? they will blame – what will it give? They will write against government- that will not bring justice? That will not bring any change either; they will do every possible thing to highlight the incident. Now the results of those reactions;
1)      The crime gets highlighted and the criminal gets caught and goes to jail
2)      All those who are not Pakistanis and don’t understand the integrity of living in Pakistan and get the image that we are terrorists.
They don’t even think what the circumstances must have been on the situation and first thing that comes to their mind is Pakistanis are terrorists.

What we need to understand
Yes, we need to react to such incidents but within the limits, within a certain boundary. People in Pakistan always criticise those who come at any time do anything and get away. But now the recent incident will give a view that even the people in Pakistan who are their saviours can do anything in Pakistan. We need to understand that there are other ways to protest such kind of incidents.
We need to control our emotions after watching such incidents, yes we need to raise our voices against the wrong but keeping in mind that we also need to save the image of our country. We should try not to hurt the image of Pakistan by our actions.

Are we short of Good People?
Are We, the Pakistanis have become short of good people. No, we are not.  They do exist between us and they live amongst us but they are inconspicuous. What just need to be done is to bring them forward. They may be your friends, colleagues relatives anyone. We need to let them do that is better for us, the nation and the country. We should support them, provide them opportunities to come forward and serve for the better of the people.
Every other day we get to hear an incident occurring and hurting the values of people heart and emotions of the people and we now need to stand and stand firm against the people who are not working in the interests of Pakistan. If we let happen what is happening and do nothing about it then we shall be prepared to see the destruction of our country. We shall stand and act smartly against such incidents so the deserving people should come forward and act for the best of Pakistan.

I love you – Can I kiss you , hug you?

What is now becoming a trend in teenagers and youngsters is that they think if they love each other then they can touch each other, kiss or hug each other. They dont think that this is bad or they dont have the feeling that they are doing anything wrong. What they think is they love each other so its ok if they do such things. Even worst, some predators are there in the out who wants more. More than hug and kiss what they really want is intercourse.
This is a very serious issue rising these days among many youngsters. Loving someone does not mean they have the right to do such things. If you really love someone then you should really learn to respect each other. You have to be honest with each other feelings. And you should learn to control your feelings. If you want to express love, then there are thousand other ways to express love but not by kissing or hugs. This is not right. You need to understand your values and you need to revisit your ideologies. Islam does not teach such things and these things are strictly prohibited in Islam. Those who are involved in such kind of activities please you need to understand and you also need to make your partner understand that such things are not good. We are replicating the doings of the westernise world and on a very fast pace. We should realise that sometimes such incidents can shatter someone’s life. It really impacts their confidence and can devastate their future.
I would like to appeal to parents to play an important role in these kinds of situations and on the other hand sex education is an important factor to control such incidents. If serious measures are not taken against such issues on time then one can only end in destroying themselves or even worst.
So all you girls who are reading this blog, please if someone who says he loves you and try to take advantage of you inform your parents immediately as well as inform his parents parents immediately.
Otherwise you will find yourself ended in being used by someone and loose the only thing you have that is your prestige..

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Luck is in the air !

Well done boys! an outstanding performance by the team today. It doesn't matter whether they win or not but I enjoyed every moment watching them play. I am a cricket maniac and when it comes to Pakistan there is no chance that I miss even a ball. Glued to my chair, watch every ball till the very end no matter what!
The match started off well with good shots. Openers of Pakistan team had good body language came in with an aggressive mode. They attacked on Sri Lankan bowlers from the start and did their job well. Bit of luck was also flying with Muhammad Hafeez as he got dropped once at the beginning and the vantage was taken.  Loose balls were beautifully and skillfully put away to boundaries while Imran Farhat also silenced the critics today. Questions about his selection in the team were answered today and he proved with his bat he is worth a selection.

After a challenging total of 150 in 30 overs was put up by the openers things began to get amiss for the Pakistani team. An unfortunate run out of Misbah-ul-Haq happened where he was trying to participate in a running game with Malinga. I have been abortive in understanding the mind set of this man. Sometimes, he thinks he is playing a test match in a one-day and at times he wake up in the ending overs putting up good show adding valuable runs. And today, my goodness! He was in a competition with SL Malinga. Back in my mind comparing both physiques I thought Misbah could have won that race for his wicket if only he would have cared to run a bit earlier when Malinga was leaping toward the ball. Well, unfortunately Misbah today was not your day to play the test match.

Umar Akmal also got unlucky today; the man in form got bowled by a beautiful Yorker. Nice show was eventually put up by Razzaq and Afridi as they both played their natural game and losing their wickets in the fasshion was not a surprise at all. Afridi got out similarly what he is notorious around. He looked dangerous though but only sensible cricket can lead the batsman till the end LALA!.

Younis Khan, Pakistani wall I would say! Kept it nice and cool played a sensible innings. He tried different things today while facing Malinga but that couldn’t save him from getting run out by Prasanna. Even though the fielder took his time reaching the ball yet the luck was not in favour of Younis Khan this time. He played well though.

Sohail Tanvir was probably lost somewhere today. He is capable of batting but it took time for him to ground his feet in the pitch today. He played some childish shots earlier on but managed to achieve double figures however.

Umar Gul tried his best to put the ball out of the ground but he need to understand that he has to hit the ball first to fly it out of the ground. Well, hope so he put a good show with the ball today.
The graph of runs went up high but unfortunately didn’t end on a higher note. Having said that it is a challengeable total Pakistan has put on and in a good position to win the game. They have a potential bowling start. Let’s hope and pray they restrict Sri Lanka and win the game!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mosquitoes in a plane

After almost a year I happened to visit Islamabad to attend a media workshop on Hazard Awareness and Disaster Reporting organsied by an NGO in a local hotel.  Although it was a one day visit yet I was very excited about it. Everything was packed and ready and my flight was at 7:00 in the morning and I was traveling by a private airline.
Eventually I am cool about my flight timings and not like to rush for everything yet I reached the airport one hour before departure and the credit goes to MY DAD!! I went through all the procedures and got hold of my ticket then hurling into the waiting area. After an hour without any announcement we marched through the gate and into the airplane. All the passengers were ensconced and everything was fine till then.
 All of a sudden I began to notice mosquitoes flying inside the plane. Oye!!  My day plans were over shadowed by the buzzing of those mosquitoes that were lurching over our heads and seats. I kept wondering how come an international airline didn’t have any arrangements for those mosquitoes at the same time when we hear a death almost every day. With such an alarming situation of dengue in the country and a grave threat to the lives of people we were still traveling with mosquitoes in our plane. Only in my wildest dreams!  I first thought to complain the flight attendant but then I stopped and wonder it will create an unnecessary panic amongst other passengers. So I sat quietly and thought to complain while leaving the aircraft.
The journey was good but not very peaceful as there were so many mothers traveling with their infants. The crying of children continued all the way to Islamabad. At last, I heard the bell that brought joy to my heart and an announcement was made by the pilot (Mr. Hasan) that we will be landing shortly. PHEW!! WE reached safely and I was at ease. The thought of air blue crash was running all way in my mind and I was a bit scared too.  But then luckily I survive the day and left the airport for my purpose of coming Islamabad.
Finally I reached my destination and attended a worthy workshop which taught me so many things regarding disaster. We were briefed about the techniques of reporting we should be careful about while reporting for any disaster.  It was a warm day and I was pleasantly invited by my friend and his 6 year old son who made my day and made me forgot about the mosquitoes ….