Sunday, November 27, 2011

Is Pakistan short of Good people?

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Every now and then we get to hear unwanted incidents happening in Pakistan. They may be in Karachi; they may be in Sialkot they may be in any part of the country. Most of those incidents never get to reported due to political pressures, power pressures, arms pressures and a lot of pressures that could result in consequences. Certain political affiliations and sources restrain people from reporting injustice and unfair incidents that may have happened with them. Now if such incident gets to reach the media by any means then they get highlighted all over Pakistan and all over the world. You can see it on internet and all social media sites.  

Reaction of such incidents
Now after people see such incidents the first thing they do is they criticise but for what? they will blame – what will it give? They will write against government- that will not bring justice? That will not bring any change either; they will do every possible thing to highlight the incident. Now the results of those reactions;
1)      The crime gets highlighted and the criminal gets caught and goes to jail
2)      All those who are not Pakistanis and don’t understand the integrity of living in Pakistan and get the image that we are terrorists.
They don’t even think what the circumstances must have been on the situation and first thing that comes to their mind is Pakistanis are terrorists.

What we need to understand
Yes, we need to react to such incidents but within the limits, within a certain boundary. People in Pakistan always criticise those who come at any time do anything and get away. But now the recent incident will give a view that even the people in Pakistan who are their saviours can do anything in Pakistan. We need to understand that there are other ways to protest such kind of incidents.
We need to control our emotions after watching such incidents, yes we need to raise our voices against the wrong but keeping in mind that we also need to save the image of our country. We should try not to hurt the image of Pakistan by our actions.

Are we short of Good People?
Are We, the Pakistanis have become short of good people. No, we are not.  They do exist between us and they live amongst us but they are inconspicuous. What just need to be done is to bring them forward. They may be your friends, colleagues relatives anyone. We need to let them do that is better for us, the nation and the country. We should support them, provide them opportunities to come forward and serve for the better of the people.
Every other day we get to hear an incident occurring and hurting the values of people heart and emotions of the people and we now need to stand and stand firm against the people who are not working in the interests of Pakistan. If we let happen what is happening and do nothing about it then we shall be prepared to see the destruction of our country. We shall stand and act smartly against such incidents so the deserving people should come forward and act for the best of Pakistan.

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