Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mosquitoes in a plane

After almost a year I happened to visit Islamabad to attend a media workshop on Hazard Awareness and Disaster Reporting organsied by an NGO in a local hotel.  Although it was a one day visit yet I was very excited about it. Everything was packed and ready and my flight was at 7:00 in the morning and I was traveling by a private airline.
Eventually I am cool about my flight timings and not like to rush for everything yet I reached the airport one hour before departure and the credit goes to MY DAD!! I went through all the procedures and got hold of my ticket then hurling into the waiting area. After an hour without any announcement we marched through the gate and into the airplane. All the passengers were ensconced and everything was fine till then.
 All of a sudden I began to notice mosquitoes flying inside the plane. Oye!!  My day plans were over shadowed by the buzzing of those mosquitoes that were lurching over our heads and seats. I kept wondering how come an international airline didn’t have any arrangements for those mosquitoes at the same time when we hear a death almost every day. With such an alarming situation of dengue in the country and a grave threat to the lives of people we were still traveling with mosquitoes in our plane. Only in my wildest dreams!  I first thought to complain the flight attendant but then I stopped and wonder it will create an unnecessary panic amongst other passengers. So I sat quietly and thought to complain while leaving the aircraft.
The journey was good but not very peaceful as there were so many mothers traveling with their infants. The crying of children continued all the way to Islamabad. At last, I heard the bell that brought joy to my heart and an announcement was made by the pilot (Mr. Hasan) that we will be landing shortly. PHEW!! WE reached safely and I was at ease. The thought of air blue crash was running all way in my mind and I was a bit scared too.  But then luckily I survive the day and left the airport for my purpose of coming Islamabad.
Finally I reached my destination and attended a worthy workshop which taught me so many things regarding disaster. We were briefed about the techniques of reporting we should be careful about while reporting for any disaster.  It was a warm day and I was pleasantly invited by my friend and his 6 year old son who made my day and made me forgot about the mosquitoes ….

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