Sunday, November 27, 2011

I love you – Can I kiss you , hug you?

What is now becoming a trend in teenagers and youngsters is that they think if they love each other then they can touch each other, kiss or hug each other. They dont think that this is bad or they dont have the feeling that they are doing anything wrong. What they think is they love each other so its ok if they do such things. Even worst, some predators are there in the out who wants more. More than hug and kiss what they really want is intercourse.
This is a very serious issue rising these days among many youngsters. Loving someone does not mean they have the right to do such things. If you really love someone then you should really learn to respect each other. You have to be honest with each other feelings. And you should learn to control your feelings. If you want to express love, then there are thousand other ways to express love but not by kissing or hugs. This is not right. You need to understand your values and you need to revisit your ideologies. Islam does not teach such things and these things are strictly prohibited in Islam. Those who are involved in such kind of activities please you need to understand and you also need to make your partner understand that such things are not good. We are replicating the doings of the westernise world and on a very fast pace. We should realise that sometimes such incidents can shatter someone’s life. It really impacts their confidence and can devastate their future.
I would like to appeal to parents to play an important role in these kinds of situations and on the other hand sex education is an important factor to control such incidents. If serious measures are not taken against such issues on time then one can only end in destroying themselves or even worst.
So all you girls who are reading this blog, please if someone who says he loves you and try to take advantage of you inform your parents immediately as well as inform his parents parents immediately.
Otherwise you will find yourself ended in being used by someone and loose the only thing you have that is your prestige..

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