Wednesday, March 11, 2015

she is just an illusion

The room was filled with noise, yet I couldn't hear anything. There were people around me happy, I don't know why they were so happy? Or was it just pretending, an illusion, which they want to believe in. I was drenched in my darkness gazing at the table. I hardly lifted my eyes up to see what’s happening around me, I was least bothered. Yet, just for the sake of moment I lifted my head up, which I guess was the first time I did since sitting in the restaurant. I saw a man, the waiter, in his mid-40s, curly hairs, done nicely. He was dressed in a white shirt and a black pant. He had a bow around his neck, I guess suits him best. He was serving the hot sizzling steak to the customer in the front table, I could just hear the sizzle of the steak. I was so lost that I could not even imagine, how that stake would taste. Two men around me were talking near to my earshot, but I had no idea what they were talking about. I was just there, sitting with a cup of coffee. I felt lost. It's not my world, I don't belong here. I was trying to search, trying to unfold the mystery. But then my sight stroked the entrance door. I saw someone entering the door and there she was... dressed in black, her hair would fall around just perfect. Her smile, it was sparkling, probably, the most amazing one. Her eyes were appealing gorgeous, striking every person in the room. Suddenly, I began to feel the world around me. I began to feel my existence. I guess, she was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It wasn't just jumping to conclusions, she was just exquisite.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Feel safe no more

Tuesday, September 02, 2014 - Two days back a very terrifying incident occurred with me that left me in deep shock for hours. I happen to work in Defence Phase V and my residence is in Garden Area. My usual route is via Shara-e-Faisal to Numaish chowrangi and then further. On that unfortunate day while driving to home everything seemed fine, until a speedy motorbike passed by my side and hit my front rear. Although my car’s speed was less then 10 km/h but that noise sent deep shivers down my spine. By the time I could analyze what had struck me two persons on a motorcycle passed by my right side with one of them carrying a pistol. In no time, another crossed from my left with just one on it and they both parked in front of my car. For a second, mentally I was prepared that I was about to mugged but then suddenly all three of them stepped down and walked towards the poor guy who accidentally got hit by my car. They started beating him ruthlessly. They tore his shirt and then tore the pocket from his Shalwar, grabbed an envelope (which I assume they wanted) and brisk away. To make their presence felt one of them fired in the air before rushing away. The incident happened in a jiffy. No time to think or to take any action, if one would dare even. I was in deep shock for hours. As result of this incident a feeling of insecurity prevails in my heart and I rarely get courage to pass through those streets again. I thought we are a democratic country governed by our elected rulers, who are least bothered about the safety of the poor masses whom they approach only at the time of elections. Can our democracy provide some peace to the common man also?



it was an empty hall, i walk pass the benches into a corner. I could feel the sharpness of the benches as my finger tips touched them while I passed each bench. My head was down, my eyes were wet. I could never raised my head in shyness but now I don't want to. I went to the right corner of the bench and I sat. I sat as I waited, thoughts started to gather in my mind of what was about to happen. Something, I wished had never started... I knew the outcomes I knew what was about to end... I knew it will be gone forever. deep in my heart I knew everything... amidst of all these thoughts, suddenly the door was bang opened... and I spooked with fear... 

The door banged open and i was spooked in fear. Fear sent shivers down my spine and I could just hear nothing but my heartbeat. It was pounding and I could feel the blood rushing through the veins. Everything around me came to halt. I could not had the courage to look up and see though I knew what was coming towards me. My elbows were sitting tight on my knees, my hand cover my ears. I didn't wish to hear that voice; the voice that trembles and haunts me even in my dreams. This time it was more then one person, as I could hear several footsteps approaching towards me. It made me even more tensed. I could also hear their whispering. I wanted to stand on my feet and run and run far as far as I could. But I never could. At last, I felt a hand on my shoulder ... as I turned back .  

 I surrender myself to my fear. There's more lightening but my feeling of helplessness was all I could felt as if my soul was gradually being wearing out of my body... The words were naturally went out of my mind my heart my mouth.. I did nt knew where I belong and what was happening didnt belong to me. I have been through this before and some thing hard to bear was about to happen in my life something i could never bear something i could repent. Tragedy always bring radical change in lives and this tragedy changed everything changed me changed everything associated with it. I lost my self and i lose every bit of me that once was mine. .. That once was mine... In theory every loss is for our good; in practice though that is when we ask question... Ask ourselves about the existence of God ... And ask ourselves what did i do to deserve this? ...

A naya Pakistan?

Let suppose a naya Pakistan is created by any action or a miracle, just for a moment let us think that a naya Pakistan has taken birth, but what then? are we the so called awam of Pakistan deserve it? Are we going to follow rules? Respect Laws? Respect our mother country? Aray, we don't even follow the simple traffic rules.. Will we be doing then? Will we obliterate corruption? Will we respect our women? Will we respect elders? will we take steps to eradicate poverty? will we take steps to eradicate polio? A country where people are killed working for a noble cause, how do we expect revolution in a country where we don't even care "not to spit on our mother land" how many of us think about our country first and then for ourselves... One thing is for sure If we can't give respect then we can't expect respect in return? to bring revolution to create a new Pakistan first we need to bring a change, Change in ourselves, change in our attitude, change in our mindset, change in our traditions, we need to bring back those traditions that once were honoured by every men ... we need to get our honour back to see a Naya Pakistan.... A new Pakistan will take birth when we start respecting our country... everyone is so enthusiastic to buy flags on Independence day and then what next, we found those flags left alone on the streets... A new Pakistan will take birth when our women can walk on roads without any fear... Naya Pakistan aisaye nahi ban jae ga... it needs sacrifices it needs courage and it needs people who can think about their country and country men before thinking about themselves...

Awara Khayal

walking away without knowing what she might be thinking. I do not wanted to say good bye, I felt she was feeling my vibes too. I wanted her to just say it once, just ask me to stay but she didn't. There was no eye contact but I know she was looking away too. Even though, I know how she must be feeling, how much she wanted to be with me but deep down inside we both knew this was our final good bye. All memories were flashing back in my mind. We didnt made any conversation, I could not gather enough courage to utter a word. There was a complete silence, all I could hear was the sound of rain pouring down lavishly as if the clouds were also crying. All I could feel was her breath, the sound of what I always heard when we hugged each other once. It occurred to be one of the most difficult moment of life. Once it was like not staying without each other and now we were to this point of just walking away without any word, without looking at each other.. everything was gone... everything was lost...

Monday, January 14, 2013

My country bleeds…

A routine Monday morning is always been a not wanted thing for everybody in their life. But today it was a different morning since the country is in the verge of different chaos altogether. A morning that came after a agonizing incident that tormented the lives of so many people and hundreds other who were connected to those lives. The incident of the first suicide blast of 2013 that also was a deadly one.  For few the beginning of the New Year 2013 had been a very unfortunate beginning and for some it has been a road that would lead them to a change of an era. 

The Former Part…

As the country entered in its fourth day of mourning, hundreds of people are doing a sit-in protest over the unburied dead bodies of those who were killed in the blasts on Thursday 10 January 2013 in Quetta. Those blasts killed more than 100 people occurred in the late hours of Thursday. The newspapers reported, the bomb went off in a car near a vehicle of FTC. Soon after the blast, a nationwide protest was triggered affecting the fast tracking lives of Karachi, Islamabad and Quetta which are considered playing a vital role contributing towards the economy of Pakistan. 

The sit-in protests supported by various political parties as well as from the people of the targeted Shia community were made on M.A Jinnah road. A rally of raging protesters marched towards the Bilawal House and staged protest against the brutal killings of Quetta. The first blast that end many lives in a tragic way, while those innocent people trying to save humanity lost their lives in the second blast. Sadly, they couldn’t get rest even after their soul departs from this world. Some of them were known to be real fighters evidently they are still fighting even after the last clot of blood flushed out from their bodies.

 One can only pray for the departed souls but not enough can be done to justify the loss of the families. The reason behind their death can never be justified nor can anything be replaced for the lost souls. It is rather a sad day for all of us and for every person who had witnessed the sad incident. It is rather a pity on us that we can’t even defend our own lives living in our own country, ruled by the people elected by our own hands.
(to be continue…)

Friday, December 28, 2012

No network...!

Disclaimer: All the characters in this write-up are based upon fiction. If it matches anyone in real that is by co-incidence and unintentional. (agay aqalmand kay liye ishara kafi hai)

Though it may not sound new to you but yet we are witnessing today another instance of stupidity of our government, who is famous of doing it again and again. Cellular services has been suspended for the day, depriving whole nation from communicating to the rest of the world.

Cellular services were suspended in Karachi on Friday in light of terrorism threats, Express News reported.
The services, suspended by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), will remain suspended from 11am till 6pm today.
According to an intelligence report, a major act of terrorism was suspected in Karachi, which was expected to be carried out through a cell phone.
Network operators were informed at 9am of the suspension.
Suspending cellular services in light of terrorism threats on important days like Eid and Ashura has become a norm, however service suspension on such days comes with prior notice.
Source: Express Tribune

A major act of terrorism was suspected today and strategy of our government to deal with it was by blocking the mobile networks, as they could not come up with any other stupid idea so they decided this should be the best. No one can beat the intelligence of our very own hero RM, who only has the ability to entertain the whole world with his unbeatable ideas. And yes it is his forte and no one can match him for sure. As per some lurking reports, it has been confirmed that Guinness Book of World Record have agreed to include RM ik as the most intellectual personality that has been born. 

Raised up under the supreme guidance of AZ, Daktar Saheb has been on his toes since childhood. During his early years at school he was nominated as the most dashing personality for flirting with teachers in class. As soon as passed his college, RM was the most wanted person and his picture could be seen all over the stables throughout the country. Whenever, he visited roads, ques of all female donkeys blocked the roads just to have a glimpse of him. 
For a moment if we consider that a major terrorism act is about to happen then is blocking the mobile connectivity is the only way to deal with it? Even Newton can't solve this mystery and let leave this to our government to solve this mystery.

In a modern world where on one hand we consider communication as one of the basic and most important need of a person there on the other hand our government has deprived the whole nation of it and they keep doing it, they never get quenched. What now seems to a trait of our present government, i.e. to "deprive' "deprive" "deprive"  the nation of their basic necessities including electricity, sui gas, CNG, employment, basic rights, justice... and now mobile networks. We never know what we more we have to experience in the coming months, but I on the other hand will start a quest of finding that girl who refused to give her number to Rehman Malik, "kitna jazbati ker dya Rehman ko, poray mulk kay network band ker dye us ne" ... 

A never ending quest...