Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Awara Khayal

walking away without knowing what she might be thinking. I do not wanted to say good bye, I felt she was feeling my vibes too. I wanted her to just say it once, just ask me to stay but she didn't. There was no eye contact but I know she was looking away too. Even though, I know how she must be feeling, how much she wanted to be with me but deep down inside we both knew this was our final good bye. All memories were flashing back in my mind. We didnt made any conversation, I could not gather enough courage to utter a word. There was a complete silence, all I could hear was the sound of rain pouring down lavishly as if the clouds were also crying. All I could feel was her breath, the sound of what I always heard when we hugged each other once. It occurred to be one of the most difficult moment of life. Once it was like not staying without each other and now we were to this point of just walking away without any word, without looking at each other.. everything was gone... everything was lost...

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