Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Feel safe no more

Tuesday, September 02, 2014 - Two days back a very terrifying incident occurred with me that left me in deep shock for hours. I happen to work in Defence Phase V and my residence is in Garden Area. My usual route is via Shara-e-Faisal to Numaish chowrangi and then further. On that unfortunate day while driving to home everything seemed fine, until a speedy motorbike passed by my side and hit my front rear. Although my car’s speed was less then 10 km/h but that noise sent deep shivers down my spine. By the time I could analyze what had struck me two persons on a motorcycle passed by my right side with one of them carrying a pistol. In no time, another crossed from my left with just one on it and they both parked in front of my car. For a second, mentally I was prepared that I was about to mugged but then suddenly all three of them stepped down and walked towards the poor guy who accidentally got hit by my car. They started beating him ruthlessly. They tore his shirt and then tore the pocket from his Shalwar, grabbed an envelope (which I assume they wanted) and brisk away. To make their presence felt one of them fired in the air before rushing away. The incident happened in a jiffy. No time to think or to take any action, if one would dare even. I was in deep shock for hours. As result of this incident a feeling of insecurity prevails in my heart and I rarely get courage to pass through those streets again. I thought we are a democratic country governed by our elected rulers, who are least bothered about the safety of the poor masses whom they approach only at the time of elections. Can our democracy provide some peace to the common man also?


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