Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A naya Pakistan?

Let suppose a naya Pakistan is created by any action or a miracle, just for a moment let us think that a naya Pakistan has taken birth, but what then? are we the so called awam of Pakistan deserve it? Are we going to follow rules? Respect Laws? Respect our mother country? Aray, we don't even follow the simple traffic rules.. Will we be doing then? Will we obliterate corruption? Will we respect our women? Will we respect elders? will we take steps to eradicate poverty? will we take steps to eradicate polio? A country where people are killed working for a noble cause, how do we expect revolution in a country where we don't even care "not to spit on our mother land" how many of us think about our country first and then for ourselves... One thing is for sure If we can't give respect then we can't expect respect in return? to bring revolution to create a new Pakistan first we need to bring a change, Change in ourselves, change in our attitude, change in our mindset, change in our traditions, we need to bring back those traditions that once were honoured by every men ... we need to get our honour back to see a Naya Pakistan.... A new Pakistan will take birth when we start respecting our country... everyone is so enthusiastic to buy flags on Independence day and then what next, we found those flags left alone on the streets... A new Pakistan will take birth when our women can walk on roads without any fear... Naya Pakistan aisaye nahi ban jae ga... it needs sacrifices it needs courage and it needs people who can think about their country and country men before thinking about themselves...

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