Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yes! we did it again. A great feat achieved by Pakistani team and we all appreciate applaud the performance of our champions. They have shown the world what they are capable of, what they can achieve and what is impossible for everyone else is possible for them. 

It was a delighting moment when Pakistan outclassed Australia in the Pool game and again WestIndies in the quarter final to register their names in the books of semi finals. How proud will all feel when the flag of Pakistan will be hoisted in the semi finals and most importantly in India. 

They have shown best of their abilities, temperament, tactics, planning and most of all a best example of team spirit.  We shall all stand up and cheer these wins as now a days there is very less to cheer in Pakistan for anything.

Over the past few months, Pakistani team were brutally bruised by international allies who had criticised them of many charges. The allegations on Pakistan three main and successful players, Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif were the victims. Everyone was very well aware the strength by having these three players on Pakistani side. The bowling attack that could rattle any opposition they would play with and were the vital weapons for Pakistan team in the world cup. But very skilfully they were erased from the team with an attempt to shatter their strength. While ICC tried left no stone unturned from stopping them playing the World Cup 2011. 

Despite of all these injuries and all the allegations and the entire pressures, Pakistani team have raised from the bottom like a volcano. They came back with a bang, and outclassed all the teams giving their 100 percent. They have shown the world that Pakistani team is no less than a world class team. One should not take them easy as they say “Pakistani team is the most unpredictable team in the world”. 

Pakistani team have shown that they have brains, they can plan and they can upset you. We all witnessed that Pakistani team have shown best performance so far in this world cup and there will be a day when they will repeat history.  They will kiss the glory and the WORLD CUP will be in the hands of the Pakistani team. They will show the world they are the winners. 

We all pray for our team and are with them to support them to cheer them and expect them to bring the world cup home. So far they have done hard work, played sensibly and are one step away from the world cup and God willing they will inshallah stand...... as CHAMPIONS!!


Monday, March 21, 2011

My new crush..... part II

there I was standing in the middle of no where staring at her enchanting looks. I give a thought of walking at her and give a much delve look. I started walking towards her and entered the shop. She was lieing sceptically on the glass. She was shining and I felt like I have been enchained by her and I can't leave her not even for a moment.

The new E5 ... within five minutes I got familier with all her functions as if we both knew each other for years now. The graphics were lot better then my e63. For a moment, I thought like e63 is my enemy and I should get rid of it as soon as possible. I asked the shop keeper price of the ravishing creature I behold in my hands. All the numbering and actuaries started running in my mind.

I found it economical and I decided the moment that I should buy it. As I am very passionate by nature I waste no time in purchasing that beauty. I bargained it and tried to make it best for me. There I was with my beautiful new wife. She is beautiful, lovely and attractive.

Finally I met my new crush and was successful making her a part of my life. I hope and pray we both stay together for a long time. So folk, ending my post now. This was it my new crush. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading it. . untill my new post.. you all take care. . adious!

Friday, March 18, 2011

My new crush.......

I don’t know how many of you must be waiting for this post, but I am very curious to write this post and publish it on my blog as soon as possible.
It was the other day while I was walking by the lane near my office and watching all the shops on the corner as a normal practice I do while walking... One can find a variety of shops in that lane. After a few shops there are two mobile shops sheafed together around the corner of the lane. While passing by those shops I came across my new crush. I was smitten forthwith the moment I seize her in my mind through my eyes..
I couldn’t help myself noticing her in on the shops. It took me by surprise, and I fell in love with her at that very moment when I saw her. It was love at first sight!!!
It was middle of the day and the sun was bright while a calm breeze blowing and I was standing there staring at her lost in my world thinking of nothing but just her.  She was wearing copper brown, looking elegant and beautiful as it was beauty at its best.  I was astounded by her beautiful look as I was lost standing there wishing to grab her in my hands once. Just once, I wished and cried out loud, Please LORD! let me have her. I haven’t cried so hard any time soon as I did for her. There was no shame as what people would think when they ll see me staring at the shop. There are many people who pass by daily from that lane as there is a hotel where they come during their lunch hours.
I could nt help myself noticing nothing else but just her. . .
To be continued...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

It is time that we should think straight

If there is a Devil – then, there is a God too...
It was an agonising moment when I heard an earthquake of 8.9 vector scale had struck Japan. It was a terrible feeling inside my heart after watching the highlights of the catastrophe that uprooted one of the best manufacturing countries in the world. Thousands of people were killed and many more were displaced. It reminds me of my memories of the landslide that occurred in Aliabad, Hunza earlier last year. As I went there and visited every place and feel the sufferings of the affectees over there. 
It’s really easy for us sitting in our drawing rooms watching those incidents on a television, but if personally visited those places we will be able to understand the real condition of the people who are getting affected and going through it. Yes, I am using the word easy here because after watching we can only say ch ch ch and feel pity for them and that is easy. But if we go there and feel their experiences, see them with our own eyes then there will be a different feeling all along.
When I heard about the incident, I got scared. I started praying Allah almighty that please forgive me for all my sins and have mercy upon me, my family and my country. I thanked HIM for all the blessings and all the comforts that HE has given me. And I thanked him for not being in that condition.
If we look out for all the happenings that are going on in Pakistan and try to delve a bit more in those happenings we will then discover what really is happening in the dark lights of Pakistan. We will then see the real Pakistan. What now is shown on Television and published in newspapers is the 50 percent of what is happening our there. I have been reading newspapers for the past seven years and not all the incidents I remember but I do remember those incidents that will make your heart cry.
We are living in a society where respect, tolerance and understanding are fading away. We are transforming into vampires. We are forgetting our culture our ideologies. I once heard a quote; there are two types of dogs in a human being. One is a good dog and one is bad dog. In the end that dog will win whom we have fed more. The point is we are all feeding the bad dog inside ourselves. We are creeping towards the life that has no end, and there is no coming back. We are indulging ourselves toward bad deeds.
We shall all realise that there is God who is watching all our deeds all the time. We must not think that no one is watching us doing a sin so we are safe. No, there is God and Allah almighty is watching us every sec, every moment, every minute. We should learn lesson from the incident occurred in Japan. We should all pray to Allah that HE forgive our sins. Its time, we should think straight now. We all should look our actions and we shall all follow the sayings of Quraan and Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h).
May Allah bless us all with his best blessings, forgive our sins, give us strength to stay on the righteous way, give us strength to help each other, give us strength to build unity and give us strength to stay on sirat-al-mustaqeem.  Ameen

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women, the self made identity...

Women, the self made identity...

If you have a son and a daughter and you can afford to educate any one of them. Educate your daughter, this way your whole generation will be educated.
These are the excerpts of one of the famous sayings by a great Muslim Leader, Sir Aga Khan III. Today, in our society, there are places where daughters are taken as a burden by their families. But if these daughters are given proper attention, proper education, proper upbringing they are no less than a more powerful and dominant personality and they can stand abreast with their opposite sex with dignity, pride and with confidence.
**Nosheen, a very good friend of mine who was my class mate during my secondary education belongs to a memon family and is a very nice person by heart. I was speaking to her after a long time to check on her what she was doing after school. “After school I did my intermediate, for which I had to argue a lot with my parents.” She said in a depressed voice.  She did her intermediate and after that she was not allowed to pursue her studies due to backward thinking of her parents. She wanted to study but she could not. She is giving tuition to students from class 1 to 8 and earns her living to catch her needs in an inflated country. She can’t even meet her friends due to strictness by her elder brother and father. These were her views after I had a brief conversation with Nosheen.
I was depressed to hear painful story and I could feel her trembling voice over the phone. I was really upset to know about her as she used to be a bright student and secured good result during her o levels examinations.
Women like Nosheen are suffering silently in our own country. No one is there to speak about them to support them not even there brothers, friends or fathers. After bearing such harassment, women are suffering from depression, short tempered behaviours and even they forgets all they learn in their school.
We are living in a society where education is crucial. Until and unless, you are educated, you cannot understand every aspect of life. You will never be able to decide a better future of your child. And in lieu of this your child is the most who suffers.
According to a report of Asian Development Bank of 2000 the dropout rate of school girls is almost 50 percent which means half of the feminine population never gets a chance to go to college. With such low rate of literacy rate for women, one can only expect women to get pressurise by their counterparts. They will never be able to understand their rights neither will they be able to face the wild rasping world. They will never understand what they can do, what potential do they carry. Their confidence level will be zero. And this will result in becoming a victim of violence, abuse and they will be disregarded.
Parent’s role is the most important chapter in their daughter’s book of life. The role of father should be eminent to support and understand their daughters. They should build confidence in their daughters and they should love them generously.
“it is because of my parents, that I am living a successful life today. They supported me at every step. They stand by me whenever I need them. They put their belief in me and it is because of their wishes and sacrifices what I am today” said *Ayesha, when I spoke to her about her success. I would have never done this if I was not supported by my parents. They never doubted me neither my abilities. They were the source of my encouragement.  I feel lucky to have them as my parents.  Ayesha, who is working as an Assistant Manager in a multi-national company and is a very good friend, she did her masters in mass communications and I count her one of the successful working women in Pakistan.
If we understand the fact that God have created men and women with the same flesh and blood that every human being carries in them, we will be able to achieve a lot more then we have ever did. Women are no less capable, intelligent and brave then men. Every girl women living in Pakistan should understand her right and they should not think less capable then others. They should confront their parents and if they think they have a talent they should never give up. They have a right to have their identity, their own identity. If they give up upon themselves then everybody else will.
**names have been changed in this article, due to privacy. 

Bali ka Bakra .. Part 2

So now the fact that we were the bali ka bakras, having no option but to work and we were now mentally prepared that we will besleeping in office. Life seems so meaningless when you are working even on Sundays you social life gets killed and you can't even spend time with your family. Yes there are times when you have to give priority to your office as well but that does nt mean you spend all of your time at office. Neither of us was happy sitting here working on a sunday. We all were upset but we had no option. We were not sitting with our own wills, we were forced to work like robots. 

Chiko and I decided to work in shifts. I will work and he will sleep for two hours and then he will work and I ll sleep for two hours. This way we both can get some rest and we ll manage to complete our work as well. Miko was mast in sleeping as he had no work to do so he was having all the fun. It happened the same way we worked and we slept. It was Chiko's first experience sleeping in office and sitting over night as well. As I had the honour of sleeping in office with my ex-colleagues last year.

So that is it, my tale of spending sunday in office with Chiko and Miko. It was a good time we spend together as we all have fun and lite up the atmosphere while working. We joke about each other and pulls each other legs specially when someone get scolded by boss. Hahahah ! these are the special moments that one gets and remember while one is gone from office. I have some wonderful memories working at this office and I know I will never forget them. These are the golden days that I had spend here, and memories are so dear to my heart. Some day I will write about them, but for now I am ending this post. I hope you guys like this post.

Well this was my post of spending sunday at office. Let's see what crazy happens next. Untill then you guys take care..adious

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bali Ka Bakra... Part 1...

Aham... I am writing this post with very mixed feelings. Some of them are for me and some of them are for my friends and colleagues Chiko and Miko. I wanted to write this post a bit earlier but I was tied up with so many tasks. This office sickness is really going to kill me one day. There's so much work around these days. Sometimes I feel like taking a break from office, but subsequently, there is no one on my replacement and do my work. Which is very unfortunate for me at times. However this is a story revolves around me, Chiko and Miko. It was his first time late sitting with us and he was not aware of what hot soup he was going to land in :)
Saturday: It was now three days now since we were sitting late in office and working extensively for an upcoming magazine. Sitting late does not means like 9 or 10 it means like 3 am in the morning. Yes, its am, not mistaken at all. Imagine, working continuously for three days and coming back early 9 again in the morning the next day, how irritating it feels. We were not having any proper sleep and working like robots incessantly.
Sunday: It was Sunday of what we had thought of a beautiful and relaxing weekend while working during the late hours of the week days. For me it was disturbing when I heard that I had to be at an event on Sunday and I was pissed off with that news AH!.. But left out of options I had to be there no matter what !. I was up early and prepared for the event. Middle of the event, I received a call from my Boss and heard what… Rizwan, “You have to come to office for some editing work, as I will be flying to Islamabad tomorrow morning.” It felt like I am the biggest sinner of the world and I was being punished for my deeds. I was told to get hold of Chiko and Miko and make them come to office. It was hard for me to organise all these tasks at the same time when I was in the middle on an event. However, I called Chiko and told him to coordinate with Boss, and manage to come to office. Another burling task was to get hold of our office boy Mr. Miko, who is a very confusing personality and very much “Pathan khopary” type of a guy. However I called him and luckily he answered my phone. I told him we have to go to office, as some urgent tasks have come up and we need to be at office soon. The next words of my goodness came out of his mouth ***** (you can understand that), “Can I wash my clothes!” Can I have some peace of Sunday? I could understand his feelings and I know back down his heart he must be cursing me like hell. I tried to confront him and I need to act diplomatically at times (this is what my job taught me very well) and finally made him agreed to come to office. It’s always been tricky talking to Miko as he is very sensitive and hard to handle. He can’t be handled by everyone easily. Well, there he was in his slippers coming out of his home with fierce looks on his face and ready to go. (Described by Chiko).
They both left their homes and reached office as per se it’s a normal day and started their work accordingly.
It was evening and I had to leave the event and to reach office. It was such a hectic day, and I had to stop by at my residence and reach office.
There we were, all lurking in office and enjoying our weekend at office. Sounds great? What do you say? It was heart breaking for us and we all were really furious. Any how we started our work.

(After 5 hours…)
 As time passed by, it was by chance that my sight was at the clock and I yelled! “23:00 hours”. We were lost, looking at each other faces and we had no idea that it was that late. I asked Chiko, how much work is left yaar, its 23:00 and we have to leave for home nah?
He laughed at me and said, “beta, aj office mei sonay ki tayyari ker lo. (brother, be prepare to sleep in office today). I was astounded. I felt like someone has pushed me from the cliff.
The only sentence that came to my mind and I yelled … Ise kehtay hain  “bali ka bakras” …. hahaha

To be continued. …