Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yes! we did it again. A great feat achieved by Pakistani team and we all appreciate applaud the performance of our champions. They have shown the world what they are capable of, what they can achieve and what is impossible for everyone else is possible for them. 

It was a delighting moment when Pakistan outclassed Australia in the Pool game and again WestIndies in the quarter final to register their names in the books of semi finals. How proud will all feel when the flag of Pakistan will be hoisted in the semi finals and most importantly in India. 

They have shown best of their abilities, temperament, tactics, planning and most of all a best example of team spirit.  We shall all stand up and cheer these wins as now a days there is very less to cheer in Pakistan for anything.

Over the past few months, Pakistani team were brutally bruised by international allies who had criticised them of many charges. The allegations on Pakistan three main and successful players, Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif were the victims. Everyone was very well aware the strength by having these three players on Pakistani side. The bowling attack that could rattle any opposition they would play with and were the vital weapons for Pakistan team in the world cup. But very skilfully they were erased from the team with an attempt to shatter their strength. While ICC tried left no stone unturned from stopping them playing the World Cup 2011. 

Despite of all these injuries and all the allegations and the entire pressures, Pakistani team have raised from the bottom like a volcano. They came back with a bang, and outclassed all the teams giving their 100 percent. They have shown the world that Pakistani team is no less than a world class team. One should not take them easy as they say “Pakistani team is the most unpredictable team in the world”. 

Pakistani team have shown that they have brains, they can plan and they can upset you. We all witnessed that Pakistani team have shown best performance so far in this world cup and there will be a day when they will repeat history.  They will kiss the glory and the WORLD CUP will be in the hands of the Pakistani team. They will show the world they are the winners. 

We all pray for our team and are with them to support them to cheer them and expect them to bring the world cup home. So far they have done hard work, played sensibly and are one step away from the world cup and God willing they will inshallah stand...... as CHAMPIONS!!


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  1. InshAllah! India is a good team, our team will have to take them seriously specially their batting line. :/

    I m hoping the best that our bowlers will give their bestest performance in semi-final as well! (and in final too inshAllah!) :D