Monday, March 21, 2011

My new crush..... part II

there I was standing in the middle of no where staring at her enchanting looks. I give a thought of walking at her and give a much delve look. I started walking towards her and entered the shop. She was lieing sceptically on the glass. She was shining and I felt like I have been enchained by her and I can't leave her not even for a moment.

The new E5 ... within five minutes I got familier with all her functions as if we both knew each other for years now. The graphics were lot better then my e63. For a moment, I thought like e63 is my enemy and I should get rid of it as soon as possible. I asked the shop keeper price of the ravishing creature I behold in my hands. All the numbering and actuaries started running in my mind.

I found it economical and I decided the moment that I should buy it. As I am very passionate by nature I waste no time in purchasing that beauty. I bargained it and tried to make it best for me. There I was with my beautiful new wife. She is beautiful, lovely and attractive.

Finally I met my new crush and was successful making her a part of my life. I hope and pray we both stay together for a long time. So folk, ending my post now. This was it my new crush. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading it. . untill my new post.. you all take care. . adious!


  1. wow...crush on mobile...?

    Suits you....


  2. haha! I hope the relationship stance will remain limited to "crush" only. Gadgets are VERY attractive. :D

    Have a look:

  3. @thinking ... yes crush on mobile... may be i am addicted .. i am out of control .. but thats the drug that keep me from dying ...

  4. @rIZ.... yes buddy it ll remain to crush only.. true really attractive and handy :P