Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bali Ka Bakra... Part 1...

Aham... I am writing this post with very mixed feelings. Some of them are for me and some of them are for my friends and colleagues Chiko and Miko. I wanted to write this post a bit earlier but I was tied up with so many tasks. This office sickness is really going to kill me one day. There's so much work around these days. Sometimes I feel like taking a break from office, but subsequently, there is no one on my replacement and do my work. Which is very unfortunate for me at times. However this is a story revolves around me, Chiko and Miko. It was his first time late sitting with us and he was not aware of what hot soup he was going to land in :)
Saturday: It was now three days now since we were sitting late in office and working extensively for an upcoming magazine. Sitting late does not means like 9 or 10 it means like 3 am in the morning. Yes, its am, not mistaken at all. Imagine, working continuously for three days and coming back early 9 again in the morning the next day, how irritating it feels. We were not having any proper sleep and working like robots incessantly.
Sunday: It was Sunday of what we had thought of a beautiful and relaxing weekend while working during the late hours of the week days. For me it was disturbing when I heard that I had to be at an event on Sunday and I was pissed off with that news AH!.. But left out of options I had to be there no matter what !. I was up early and prepared for the event. Middle of the event, I received a call from my Boss and heard what… Rizwan, “You have to come to office for some editing work, as I will be flying to Islamabad tomorrow morning.” It felt like I am the biggest sinner of the world and I was being punished for my deeds. I was told to get hold of Chiko and Miko and make them come to office. It was hard for me to organise all these tasks at the same time when I was in the middle on an event. However, I called Chiko and told him to coordinate with Boss, and manage to come to office. Another burling task was to get hold of our office boy Mr. Miko, who is a very confusing personality and very much “Pathan khopary” type of a guy. However I called him and luckily he answered my phone. I told him we have to go to office, as some urgent tasks have come up and we need to be at office soon. The next words of my goodness came out of his mouth ***** (you can understand that), “Can I wash my clothes!” Can I have some peace of Sunday? I could understand his feelings and I know back down his heart he must be cursing me like hell. I tried to confront him and I need to act diplomatically at times (this is what my job taught me very well) and finally made him agreed to come to office. It’s always been tricky talking to Miko as he is very sensitive and hard to handle. He can’t be handled by everyone easily. Well, there he was in his slippers coming out of his home with fierce looks on his face and ready to go. (Described by Chiko).
They both left their homes and reached office as per se it’s a normal day and started their work accordingly.
It was evening and I had to leave the event and to reach office. It was such a hectic day, and I had to stop by at my residence and reach office.
There we were, all lurking in office and enjoying our weekend at office. Sounds great? What do you say? It was heart breaking for us and we all were really furious. Any how we started our work.

(After 5 hours…)
 As time passed by, it was by chance that my sight was at the clock and I yelled! “23:00 hours”. We were lost, looking at each other faces and we had no idea that it was that late. I asked Chiko, how much work is left yaar, its 23:00 and we have to leave for home nah?
He laughed at me and said, “beta, aj office mei sonay ki tayyari ker lo. (brother, be prepare to sleep in office today). I was astounded. I felt like someone has pushed me from the cliff.
The only sentence that came to my mind and I yelled … Ise kehtay hain  “bali ka bakras” …. hahaha

To be continued. …

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