Sunday, March 13, 2011

It is time that we should think straight

If there is a Devil – then, there is a God too...
It was an agonising moment when I heard an earthquake of 8.9 vector scale had struck Japan. It was a terrible feeling inside my heart after watching the highlights of the catastrophe that uprooted one of the best manufacturing countries in the world. Thousands of people were killed and many more were displaced. It reminds me of my memories of the landslide that occurred in Aliabad, Hunza earlier last year. As I went there and visited every place and feel the sufferings of the affectees over there. 
It’s really easy for us sitting in our drawing rooms watching those incidents on a television, but if personally visited those places we will be able to understand the real condition of the people who are getting affected and going through it. Yes, I am using the word easy here because after watching we can only say ch ch ch and feel pity for them and that is easy. But if we go there and feel their experiences, see them with our own eyes then there will be a different feeling all along.
When I heard about the incident, I got scared. I started praying Allah almighty that please forgive me for all my sins and have mercy upon me, my family and my country. I thanked HIM for all the blessings and all the comforts that HE has given me. And I thanked him for not being in that condition.
If we look out for all the happenings that are going on in Pakistan and try to delve a bit more in those happenings we will then discover what really is happening in the dark lights of Pakistan. We will then see the real Pakistan. What now is shown on Television and published in newspapers is the 50 percent of what is happening our there. I have been reading newspapers for the past seven years and not all the incidents I remember but I do remember those incidents that will make your heart cry.
We are living in a society where respect, tolerance and understanding are fading away. We are transforming into vampires. We are forgetting our culture our ideologies. I once heard a quote; there are two types of dogs in a human being. One is a good dog and one is bad dog. In the end that dog will win whom we have fed more. The point is we are all feeding the bad dog inside ourselves. We are creeping towards the life that has no end, and there is no coming back. We are indulging ourselves toward bad deeds.
We shall all realise that there is God who is watching all our deeds all the time. We must not think that no one is watching us doing a sin so we are safe. No, there is God and Allah almighty is watching us every sec, every moment, every minute. We should learn lesson from the incident occurred in Japan. We should all pray to Allah that HE forgive our sins. Its time, we should think straight now. We all should look our actions and we shall all follow the sayings of Quraan and Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h).
May Allah bless us all with his best blessings, forgive our sins, give us strength to stay on the righteous way, give us strength to help each other, give us strength to build unity and give us strength to stay on sirat-al-mustaqeem.  Ameen

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