Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women, the self made identity...

Women, the self made identity...

If you have a son and a daughter and you can afford to educate any one of them. Educate your daughter, this way your whole generation will be educated.
These are the excerpts of one of the famous sayings by a great Muslim Leader, Sir Aga Khan III. Today, in our society, there are places where daughters are taken as a burden by their families. But if these daughters are given proper attention, proper education, proper upbringing they are no less than a more powerful and dominant personality and they can stand abreast with their opposite sex with dignity, pride and with confidence.
**Nosheen, a very good friend of mine who was my class mate during my secondary education belongs to a memon family and is a very nice person by heart. I was speaking to her after a long time to check on her what she was doing after school. “After school I did my intermediate, for which I had to argue a lot with my parents.” She said in a depressed voice.  She did her intermediate and after that she was not allowed to pursue her studies due to backward thinking of her parents. She wanted to study but she could not. She is giving tuition to students from class 1 to 8 and earns her living to catch her needs in an inflated country. She can’t even meet her friends due to strictness by her elder brother and father. These were her views after I had a brief conversation with Nosheen.
I was depressed to hear painful story and I could feel her trembling voice over the phone. I was really upset to know about her as she used to be a bright student and secured good result during her o levels examinations.
Women like Nosheen are suffering silently in our own country. No one is there to speak about them to support them not even there brothers, friends or fathers. After bearing such harassment, women are suffering from depression, short tempered behaviours and even they forgets all they learn in their school.
We are living in a society where education is crucial. Until and unless, you are educated, you cannot understand every aspect of life. You will never be able to decide a better future of your child. And in lieu of this your child is the most who suffers.
According to a report of Asian Development Bank of 2000 the dropout rate of school girls is almost 50 percent which means half of the feminine population never gets a chance to go to college. With such low rate of literacy rate for women, one can only expect women to get pressurise by their counterparts. They will never be able to understand their rights neither will they be able to face the wild rasping world. They will never understand what they can do, what potential do they carry. Their confidence level will be zero. And this will result in becoming a victim of violence, abuse and they will be disregarded.
Parent’s role is the most important chapter in their daughter’s book of life. The role of father should be eminent to support and understand their daughters. They should build confidence in their daughters and they should love them generously.
“it is because of my parents, that I am living a successful life today. They supported me at every step. They stand by me whenever I need them. They put their belief in me and it is because of their wishes and sacrifices what I am today” said *Ayesha, when I spoke to her about her success. I would have never done this if I was not supported by my parents. They never doubted me neither my abilities. They were the source of my encouragement.  I feel lucky to have them as my parents.  Ayesha, who is working as an Assistant Manager in a multi-national company and is a very good friend, she did her masters in mass communications and I count her one of the successful working women in Pakistan.
If we understand the fact that God have created men and women with the same flesh and blood that every human being carries in them, we will be able to achieve a lot more then we have ever did. Women are no less capable, intelligent and brave then men. Every girl women living in Pakistan should understand her right and they should not think less capable then others. They should confront their parents and if they think they have a talent they should never give up. They have a right to have their identity, their own identity. If they give up upon themselves then everybody else will.
**names have been changed in this article, due to privacy. 


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