Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bali ka Bakra .. Part 2

So now the fact that we were the bali ka bakras, having no option but to work and we were now mentally prepared that we will besleeping in office. Life seems so meaningless when you are working even on Sundays you social life gets killed and you can't even spend time with your family. Yes there are times when you have to give priority to your office as well but that does nt mean you spend all of your time at office. Neither of us was happy sitting here working on a sunday. We all were upset but we had no option. We were not sitting with our own wills, we were forced to work like robots. 

Chiko and I decided to work in shifts. I will work and he will sleep for two hours and then he will work and I ll sleep for two hours. This way we both can get some rest and we ll manage to complete our work as well. Miko was mast in sleeping as he had no work to do so he was having all the fun. It happened the same way we worked and we slept. It was Chiko's first experience sleeping in office and sitting over night as well. As I had the honour of sleeping in office with my ex-colleagues last year.

So that is it, my tale of spending sunday in office with Chiko and Miko. It was a good time we spend together as we all have fun and lite up the atmosphere while working. We joke about each other and pulls each other legs specially when someone get scolded by boss. Hahahah ! these are the special moments that one gets and remember while one is gone from office. I have some wonderful memories working at this office and I know I will never forget them. These are the golden days that I had spend here, and memories are so dear to my heart. Some day I will write about them, but for now I am ending this post. I hope you guys like this post.

Well this was my post of spending sunday at office. Let's see what crazy happens next. Untill then you guys take care..adious


  1. I can empathise with the situation you faced and explained!

    We do the same when we have to work in odd days and odd hours in the office but we never get a chance to sleep in the office (working in the night) :D.. Thank God!

  2. oh dear, I can understand your feelings too. But in our office females had that benefit, they dont have to sit late in office. Late means, late nights. So you had sit late in offices but never had the chance to sleep. You should be proud of that .. :P