Monday, January 14, 2013

My country bleeds…

A routine Monday morning is always been a not wanted thing for everybody in their life. But today it was a different morning since the country is in the verge of different chaos altogether. A morning that came after a agonizing incident that tormented the lives of so many people and hundreds other who were connected to those lives. The incident of the first suicide blast of 2013 that also was a deadly one.  For few the beginning of the New Year 2013 had been a very unfortunate beginning and for some it has been a road that would lead them to a change of an era. 

The Former Part…

As the country entered in its fourth day of mourning, hundreds of people are doing a sit-in protest over the unburied dead bodies of those who were killed in the blasts on Thursday 10 January 2013 in Quetta. Those blasts killed more than 100 people occurred in the late hours of Thursday. The newspapers reported, the bomb went off in a car near a vehicle of FTC. Soon after the blast, a nationwide protest was triggered affecting the fast tracking lives of Karachi, Islamabad and Quetta which are considered playing a vital role contributing towards the economy of Pakistan. 

The sit-in protests supported by various political parties as well as from the people of the targeted Shia community were made on M.A Jinnah road. A rally of raging protesters marched towards the Bilawal House and staged protest against the brutal killings of Quetta. The first blast that end many lives in a tragic way, while those innocent people trying to save humanity lost their lives in the second blast. Sadly, they couldn’t get rest even after their soul departs from this world. Some of them were known to be real fighters evidently they are still fighting even after the last clot of blood flushed out from their bodies.

 One can only pray for the departed souls but not enough can be done to justify the loss of the families. The reason behind their death can never be justified nor can anything be replaced for the lost souls. It is rather a sad day for all of us and for every person who had witnessed the sad incident. It is rather a pity on us that we can’t even defend our own lives living in our own country, ruled by the people elected by our own hands.
(to be continue…)