Friday, December 28, 2012

No network...!

Disclaimer: All the characters in this write-up are based upon fiction. If it matches anyone in real that is by co-incidence and unintentional. (agay aqalmand kay liye ishara kafi hai)

Though it may not sound new to you but yet we are witnessing today another instance of stupidity of our government, who is famous of doing it again and again. Cellular services has been suspended for the day, depriving whole nation from communicating to the rest of the world.

Cellular services were suspended in Karachi on Friday in light of terrorism threats, Express News reported.
The services, suspended by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), will remain suspended from 11am till 6pm today.
According to an intelligence report, a major act of terrorism was suspected in Karachi, which was expected to be carried out through a cell phone.
Network operators were informed at 9am of the suspension.
Suspending cellular services in light of terrorism threats on important days like Eid and Ashura has become a norm, however service suspension on such days comes with prior notice.
Source: Express Tribune

A major act of terrorism was suspected today and strategy of our government to deal with it was by blocking the mobile networks, as they could not come up with any other stupid idea so they decided this should be the best. No one can beat the intelligence of our very own hero RM, who only has the ability to entertain the whole world with his unbeatable ideas. And yes it is his forte and no one can match him for sure. As per some lurking reports, it has been confirmed that Guinness Book of World Record have agreed to include RM ik as the most intellectual personality that has been born. 

Raised up under the supreme guidance of AZ, Daktar Saheb has been on his toes since childhood. During his early years at school he was nominated as the most dashing personality for flirting with teachers in class. As soon as passed his college, RM was the most wanted person and his picture could be seen all over the stables throughout the country. Whenever, he visited roads, ques of all female donkeys blocked the roads just to have a glimpse of him. 
For a moment if we consider that a major terrorism act is about to happen then is blocking the mobile connectivity is the only way to deal with it? Even Newton can't solve this mystery and let leave this to our government to solve this mystery.

In a modern world where on one hand we consider communication as one of the basic and most important need of a person there on the other hand our government has deprived the whole nation of it and they keep doing it, they never get quenched. What now seems to a trait of our present government, i.e. to "deprive' "deprive" "deprive"  the nation of their basic necessities including electricity, sui gas, CNG, employment, basic rights, justice... and now mobile networks. We never know what we more we have to experience in the coming months, but I on the other hand will start a quest of finding that girl who refused to give her number to Rehman Malik, "kitna jazbati ker dya Rehman ko, poray mulk kay network band ker dye us ne" ... 

A never ending quest...

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