Friday, December 28, 2012

- An uncertain future of Pakistan

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It is very evident to forecast at this point in time that the future of Pakistan is going to be bleak. Terrorism has strengthened its root deep in Pakistan and our administration has run out of strategies. They have failed to curb the root of terrorism out of Pakistan.  People of Pakistan do not feel safe now. 

The blast that held in Karachi, Quetta and Rawalpindi targeting Shia sect has spread a sense of terror among the citizens of Pakistan.  What is more frightening is that the people are even afraid of performing their religious ceremonies with peace.  The threat of a terrorist attack lurks in their mind all the time resulting in an uncertain future for them. Who is doing it, why they are doing it, nobody knows and no one can answer these questions. An attack happens and Tehreek Taliban claims its responsibility. It remains a mystery why a Muslim [if that what they claim to be] is killing a Muslim. 

I always wonder what purpose or interest they would have killing their own caste, creed. Our tourism industry is already bitten the dust, and other resources are on the verge of devastation. If the conditions remain to be the same then one can only imagine Pakistan as a half sinking ship which eventually will sink deep down the sea of terrorism. Our government and so called politicians have completely failed to overcome the lapse of security throughout the country. So many innocent people are already and we are yet to see any extremist gets punished. 

What may seem to be unending are the rising deaths of innocent people and families who are losing their love ones and for what reason they never know. There is nothing that can be done to cover their damages. It is very unfortunate for the one who gets killed and does not know the reason behind it. The terrorism is a termite eating Pakistan from inside and if measures are not taken it will too late to imagine a safe Pakistan.

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