Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Burning our own country...

Pakistan, that was once considered as a very peaceful place to live as told in tales of my father and grandfather has now become one of the place where people get butchered with no hesitation. I once used to picture Pakistan as a peaceful society. It was long before when people used to care for each other and live like families.  Things have changed a lot deal now and my own people have become my enemies now. Killing someone has now become as easy as clicking by two fingers.

Following the rallies and protest against the blasphemous film which a fact was made by a producer in US turned to be a horrible day in the history of Pakistan. Where we speak about the ethics of Islam and teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH) there on the other hand we exploit the worst characteristics of one self.  More than a dozen people were declared dead and hundreds injured on the day announced to celebrate Ishq-i-Rasool day which was supposed to be a day we show respect and love for the Prophet. Following the footsteps of Holy Prophet (PBUH) has always been a far cry. However, yesterday’s incident proved that we have failed humanity as well.  

The protesters insured that they destroy public property throughout the country fearlessly. Some of the banks were robbed and many police vehicles were torched. A failure of law could be seen on the day but not only the law but a failure of humanity. How could this justify one love for the Holy Prophet (PBUH)? A policeman was stoned to death as if he had made that blasphemous movie. A sense of responsibility and commonsense seems faded away from the people of Pakistan. We have clearly shown our enemies how na├»ve we are and how vulnerable we can be. 

We have become so intolerant and our conscience is long dead that we don’t even know where are heading too. Even a small spark can ignite the whole country leaving behind the ashes for the enemies to cheer on. What happened yesterday was definitely what one has expected but it has left a strange message for the people of Pakistan and a question mark for 1.8 billion Muslims.

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