Friday, December 28, 2012

Encounter Alpha bravo charlie!

     Image Courtesy: Pakistan Today

One misunderstanding can be turn out to be fatal for one’s life but I guess it was my lucky day. While returning from office at 10 in the night as soon as I took a turnaround from the roundabout of do talwar a ranger official beckoned me which as it appeared to me was for the riders coming behind me so I ignored. But a few steps away another ranger waved hand and I stopped because this was definitely for me. I was accompanied by my colleagues who got off from the bike as soon as I stopped. However, I went slack on my bike without much movement.

The Ranger official marched towards me hastily like I was about to get convicted there and then and said “rukay kyu nahi”(why didn’t you stopped). I said politely, sir it appeared to me that you were trying to stop the one coming behind me that’s why I didn’t stopped and I guess it’s a misunderstanding.  However, it appeared that my words were falling on deaf ears as he kept on saying that you don’t know about rangers? He pointed towards his bike and other rangers officials and said can’t you see that 125 (model of Honda bike). Do you know you can’t even move an inch from that point when we want you to stop then stop, you can’t run away. You can’t even move a bit from there.  

I said yes I understand but…he quibble and he pointed towards his AK47 and said “can you see this (pointing towards the bump safety) its not locked as if I was a bozo and don’t know anything about AK47 then he said, now I hope you have understand, what I want to say?

Surprised on his wayward behavior I politely replied yes sir, I do. It was my mistake and it wont happen again. It seems pointless to argue with him and in my mind I already decided its better to accept that it was my mistake and get rid of him as quickly as possible instead of inviting trouble.

We kept our eye contact during the whole terse conversation. In the end, he monitored all three of us and went away making a quipping remark on us. He seems to be such an aura of authority when he was threatening me with his assault rifle as if I was a badnam dako of the city. Well, I thanked him shook hands and started my bike and never looked back.

I wonder, are these rangers are assigned to save the people from bad guys or to threat the good people terrorized them from their power.

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