Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My morning laziness.....

Ah, it’s just 6:00am in the morning, how come I am up so early? Two hours more to get ready for office let me sleep again. Close my eyes on my way on clouds and lost in the world of dreams once again.

buzzzzzzz buzzzzzz, damn mobile, buzzing again.. I feel like smashing it on ground and break it in two pieces..hain? no no then I feel bad about it and say to myself 17000 ka phatka no ways, my cutie pie my sweet heart kiss it and then again put it back to its place right under my pillow. You know, now days it is not easy to buy such an expensive mobile again and again. sit on cloud kick the paddle and start my cloud bicycle.. brrrrrmmmmm brrrmmmmmm speed away in dreams once again..

While making all out of my morning sleep I sometime feels that time is running so fast in the morning that I don't get any chance to get a good sleep. Suddenly, a voice trembles into my ears. Rizwan Beta! Uth jao ab (wake up now), aath baj gaye hain (its 8oclock now) wake up… there in a deep shock I feels like someone has just given me a 1000 volts of current I jumped out of my bed watching my clock. UGH!!! Only 7 am papa let me sleep more I will get up at 7:30 for sure. (my dad knows how to tease me).. There I am floating myself again in bed like someone has plugged out my batteries ..

8:00 am

AAAAAAAAAAAA 8 baj gaye (its 8 oclock) oh dear I couldn’t get up I am going to be late for office now. I start to rush for things like someone just plugged in new batteries, and I tend to do so many things at the same time. I have to leave at 8:20 to reach my office by 9 otherwise I will be counted late and three late means one off which is not affordable at times. You know my office has taught me to work on tight deadlines nah… 

Well this was my morning laziness, every night when I go to bed I tell myself to wake up early and read my prayers and do some exercise and jog a bit and promise to my parents yes I will do that next morning pakka jee pakka (confirm, I will do it) and every morning my laziness takes command over my head and I don’t know what just happens to me….


  1. So you are young and would have time one day to wake up early and fulfill all promises that you have made.

  2. @thinking - thanks for waiting .. i hope you would like it..