Friday, April 29, 2011

Mushkil encyclopedia

“Tumhari Mushkil Encyclopedia”…. Butterfly

It is hard to describe my feelings after hearing your stunning questions. I become speechless and wordless like what i have ever learned rub away in a single mint. I want to reply them but I don’t understand how to? I am ready but not yet ready, I can trust you yet I cannot. It is difficult for me at times to face you to face your heavy breathing, to face you while you are at your best. It is difficult for me to overcome my fears to overcome those boundaries that I had perpetrate for myself. At times you make me do things I have never thought of and sometimes you just touch my heart. It’s been a few days since I know you but whenever I am with you it feels like that we were born together and have spent our lives together since a long time. Facing you is the most difficult thing to do. Especially when you ask me those questions that made me dumb most of the times. It makes me forget my knowledge I have ever known, it makes me absent yet present. I am never prepared and I can never expect you. I can never expect or judge you hence I cant deny you. I never know about you, I cannot assume you, I cannot pretend you. What I keep thinking is that what is next? All I know is that I am going to go blank over your questions from your “muskil encyclopedia” 


  1. v.Creatuve !

    hey mr.sumbody..pic is v.impressive :D...u cn read wht heart says ! phir q u hv this "mushkil encyclopedia" :P:D

  2. Thanks, thanks pic actually predicts someone's appearance :P this mushkil encyclopedia ... defines my thinking :)