Friday, May 6, 2011

Alas ! .Kochi found out from Pakistan ....

It was a shocking news to hear that Osama got killed  few days bac, but even more shocking for me was that he was found from Pakistan.  Apparently, I was concern about the latter. Osama being found out in Pakistan leaves a big question mark for all of the Pakistanis who are already known as "terrorists". I was sad and vexed.

Lately, recovering from other damanges and the on going political turmoil there it was another bullet ridding through the chest of Pakistan. USA droned Pakistan with the news of Osama's assasination! And to my surprise we the Pakistani government did'nt even knew. They came, initiated their operation, killed Osama and took away. And, we didnt even knew about it? Is'nt it funny? The news said the radars of Pakistan could not detect their helicopters which were sent to Pakistan for the operation? Wow ! then they should pack their bags and go home ! that means every one can come to Pakistan do what they want to and go away without even blowing a dust in the air. What if the america have not announced it internationally? in that case, we would have never known! This incident is the speaking evidence of our negligible, ignorant and good for nothing forces plus shown our weaknesses where we are lacking behind. 

The aftermath of this incident will tremble the roots of Pakistan as well as the security concerns will certainly be everybody's priority living in Abottabad, Punjab, Gilgit - Baltistan and Pakistan. Killing one Osama will reborn thousands of Osamas and its not hidden that the network of Al-Qaeda is now working almost in every country. They have their network working, sponsored and educated working smartly in almost every country we know. You never know that your neighbour is the most wanted guy on earth. I hope and pray that God have mercy on all of us and specially on Pakistan!

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