Friday, May 13, 2011

When your friends turn their back on you .... (Meoww .. I miss you!)

""For all the days that i spent without you thinking all the moments and 
mischiefs we do together we tease each other making fun too now you are not here 
not a day passed that i dont see you there all I have now is to just wait in pain .. 
to see that moment when we are together again."" Written by myself

This post is related to my friend who has always been there for me who have rejoiced my good and shared my bad or perhaps decreasing them to a greater extent. A friend whom I had trust with my close eyes and whenever I got upset I would knew that my friend would be there for me. My friend always taught me one thing, be confident, be positive and be brave. Never let fear or worry let you down, you have to overcome them, have the strength to fight them and laugh those moments away. I and my friend had a great time together.

I know you are very busy with your life with your study but there should be a little time for me as well. I know there are many people who need you but you should understand I need you too. I know you got occupied with lots of things but I want you to know that I need your time too. 

Don’t just pull the plug now; we have done so hard to reach where we are today. Don’t just turn your back on me now I need you and I need you badly. In my heart, I‘d always thought and posit that you are always with me. Your friendly prowess had my relentless believe on you and your friendship that now I cannot bear your absence.  

I’ve got addicted to you and I’d know that you are always there for me. I know you have your new life you have new friends, new reasons but you should know that old friends are like gold and new friends are like diamonds and you always require gold to hold your diamond. I’ve spent so much of my time with you and so much of myself with you that I can’t live with it, with the feeling that now you are not there. You are not with me. I was always there when ever you needed me and you know how badly you needed me when you were completely broken, shattered. And I want you to remember that I made myself a cretin to make you laugh and those times when you would do anything just to hear my voice. You would travel to your grandmother house far from your home just to give me a call!! You would carry yourself away in emotions when we’d talk and delve in emotions. 

Just that when I was ensconcing in you moved away. We used to sheaf one another together with faith that we ll stay together forever all our lives. But now that when I needed you the most you just disappeared away to nowhere leaving me behind like the ashes of a cigarette. 

I want you to know that I miss you … I miss you a lot … I don’t know whether you will ever read this post or not but I know you are there somewhere thinking about me. I hope that someday we will be together again..


  1. ...hmmm...I would love to read this post....

  2. Thankyou... It means a lot to me ... just posted it you can read now...