Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A pleasure of being a scooty !

Misbah, my adorable niece. She is lovable smart kissable. She becomes my janu and at times I become her janu. She hugs me when I am sad and she wanted me to protect her from her mom when she gets mad. She wants to eat all the choclates in a day and she want her chachu to bring them back the next day. She can be only seen in peace while she is sleeping. She is my dear sweet heart at times I feel I cant live without her and at times Ufff JAAN SHOR MERI !... I love her I love her so much and she loves me too. She loves me so much that she even becomes my mom, (tu mera beta ban ja..) She is my beta when she will see me with juice and chips and she will become my niece as soon as they are finished!. She want to ride my bike and want me to sit at the back so she could take me to her school and want me to study there and she could go to my office and work. She is the most lovely creature I have ever met apart from when she wakes up. She wants me to become her scooty and her jumping bed so that she could have fun. She i my love and she is my heart and I pray God please ! give her back her brains...


  1. Kids are really blessings of God, a source of happiness.

  2. So true. They will make you forget all the worries and will arise that kid hidden in oneself ...