Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Female soul in a man's body ...

At first I thought, I was not going to write it but then I realised how much I was keen to write about him. Yes, he is my colleague unfortunately, and that how it is. I like it or not, I will have to accept it. He is a film within himself and a jinn outside himself. He can make you mad and if you try to confront him he will become sad. He will move like women talk like women even think like women, I could only find one thing that makes him man. He can do pak pak pak all the day and you want or not he will always say. Sometimes I pray, Please GOD save me.. or else he will cleave me.

His growing up was with seeing those star plus dramas and ptv dramas and he had spent most of his life with women. I can only pray for him that he soon should realise what sex he is and he should try and improvise better skills of communications. As far as I am concern I am always supporting him, helping him, bearing him and teaching him. Although he gets to my nerve most of the times but thats the way he is and by luck or chuck, I have to accept him.

I could only figure out onething for him that God has placed a wrong soul in a wrong body.

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