Wednesday, July 18, 2012

a random thought .

Its been a while since I have felt this way in my life ... I felt lonely and sad. I am upset or I am unhappy or may be its just a matter of time and I might get well soon I dont know what has happened to me or what is happening to me I am yet to understand the silence of my thoughts or is it just a delusion I am pretending to be. I dont feel like talking much I dont feel like doing much but I do talk and do things that I used to. Is it I am fed of doing same things every day or its just the boredom of my life. I am yet to explore the unrest of my soul or is it just what I am assuming that is.

I am missing you or its just the absence of yours bothering me much. Is it I love you more then I ever do or its just the memories that want me to think of you every day. Is it that I want to come out of your realm or its just that you are on my mind. Have God pour you in me to be there by default or its just that my heart being in me still yours? I have so many questions to ask and so many answers that I seek will you ever understand what I need to speak. Have this been what I always want to be or its just what you make me to be. Is it that I am incomplete without you or its just the breathe that have vanished away. I am dreaming or what was before were my dreams. Am I living a life in your mind or its just you the life that lives in me? Have this a charm of your beauty or is it you resting here with me.

I will do what I want but I can hide and I wont go I wont sleep and I cant breathe... until you are resting here with me. What is tangible is what the life or is it the euphoria of your memories. If you really exist then do come to me and if you dont exist then let me come to you .. a state where you and I can be no different .. but just the same blend in together... forever...

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