Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Friends are like Sunshine ...

Whenever in life I thought that I am alone and no one to friend with then God would send someone to take care of my smile. Apart from the worries I have there is a firm belief in my heart that God is always with me. God is there with me in any form in any face, in me or in terms of parents or in terms of nature or anywhere but is with me. The most important term or all relations God is present in term of a FRIEND.  Yes a friend who is nearest to ones heart and dearest in all relations.
After what I have been through I got broken and shattered lost among the dead. The past few months I had in my life were the worst. Even though those moments have passed they left a trail in my mind in my heart hard to get over with. I never feel the same as I did before. It was hard for me to recollect myself from what all happened. But I never gave up on God.
But then God sent someone for me. It was just few days’ back God introduced a new friend in my life. A very diligent and ardent personality makes her way into my life. It was an official business that brought us together however; it swiftly turned into a friendship and felt now it feels like we are childhood buddies. She is cute and yet she is tough but I never underestimate her nerves. There had not been any day that she has not made me smile as I always loved watching Tom and Jerry. At times it feels like I am talking to a stone and at times she is smoother then the water. She has a personality that nobody would have because cartoons are rarely made and hard to find. She is busy at most of the time and she talks once in a blue moon, with the fact that blue moon appears every day. She hardly starts a conversation but once she did you will know where the devil lives. But truly she is such true genius that what makes her special…. I mean especial. You never know what is going on her mind any minute she can blow you off, well she took army training. I always think thrice before taking any chances with her; she might know Kung Fu, you never know. It is a very sweet addition of sugar mixed with spice and before trying to pull her leg I have to think thrice.
She always makes me smile and go out of way to give time to me like a true friend that I really appreciate and admire.  I just feel like she is sunshine in my life after every dark night.  
Her great sacrifices and hard work also need consideration here as she is working very hard in her life to strive for a better future for herself and her family. I really respect her for what she is and I pray that she gets success in her life and in all the challenges she face in her life. I pray all the ill-fate days are rubbed away from her life and she get happiness and rainbows in her life. Ameen

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