Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is Pakistan a poor country?

Recently it came to my notice that daughter of a renown newspaper's owner got married to a sound business man in Dubai. It was a hosh posh wedding and money was spent like water as the pictures were self explanatory on Face Book. As the ritual says one has to marry one day but it never said in an extravagant way. The wedding was attended by elite classes travelled all the way from Pakistan to Dubai but not only them actors from Bollywood graced the wedding as well. To my surprise Shahrukh Khan aka King Khan was also present at the wedding who charged thousands of dollars to attend the wedding. Famous singers and four more actors also starred at the wedding,  Well known singers including Sonu Nigam made the day for groom and bride. After hearing this only one question arises in my mind, is Pakistan really a poor country?

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