Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dreams of my past two days...

Its been a while now since I had those dreams.. but I will write it any how...

Dream 1:

I am at the airport and boarding in a plane.  I have no idea where that plane was about to fly. The plane was very small with limited crowd. I had a window seat. I hear the pilot saying that we should fasten our seat belts now as the plane is about to fly. The plane took off a few minutes later. Suddenly, we heard a explosion in the earshot and we could almost see it. It was in the right engine of the plane I could see the smoke emerging from the engine dark and black I could also see the sparks emerging. I thought to myself this was it and I will die, but plane landed safely in between desert. No body got injured during the landing.

this was the first dream ..

Dream 2:

I went to a tour of a zoo garden. It was a nice day the weather was fine and I was alone. While roaming around I saw a crocodile and due to some weird reason I leap over the cage and went inside. The crocodile eyes were closed and his mouth was wide open. I don't know what run into me and I decided to put my hand in his mouth with a thought that nothing would happen as the eyes of the crocodile were closed. I put my hand in his mouth and suddenly the crocodile sense my presence and open his eyes. In no time he close his upper jaw with some force. Puffff I woke up...

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