Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Re-installing windows... Part 1

Oh shit ! application crash error.. these windows errors bugging me all the time. I get fed of these irritating errors. Finally! today, I thought to re-install my windows and thanks to my colleague for bringing the orignal cd of Windows 7 for me. I tell you, i am so much impressed by Windows 7. It's a very usefull tool, user friendly and lots of options that makes easy for you to work.

I make all usefull backups in another drive. Finally I put the cd in the rom and there it goes the restart button. Boot system, then initiated startup and there it started. I was'nt aware of what I am about to witness. I was so curious to start the setup and format the drive. Wow, that was quick I said to Asif. He replied, the formating will be done quickly. It takes time installing windows afterwards. I said, Ok. The next word to pop out from my mouth were (Oye)..idher to error aagya . I felt like I have been mugged and all my wealth gone away in a click and all my dreams are broken into pieces. I gave a fierce look to Asif. Asif, what the hell is this yaar? Asif replied with a smug, it must the DVD rom error. Change your DVD rom it will work. luckily I had another DVD available in my good for nothing office. There I exchanged my rom and there it goes again. I prayed in my heart please work this time or I'll kill you. Sometimes strong occult feelings grow up in my head that there is some magic or some thing going on around. I don't know why this wierd feeling comes to my mind. Any how started up the setup again hoping that it will work this time. But again that ludicrous error pops out. A feeling or cry aroused in my heart and I feel like giving a tight punch to Asif. But, this honest and Pappu boy he looks so innocent from his face. I sucked up all my anger. The boy really work hard around here.

I bought a new DVD and trying to install it again by the time all its formalities are done thought of writing this post...

Continuation of this post will be done after I successfully install windows and will write from that computer. Untill then take care...and pray that stupid windows cd work out for me..

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