Monday, February 14, 2011

my first blog..

Hi this is Rizwan. I am myself and never tries to copy any body. At first I was hesistating in initiating this blog as I thought people would laugh at me. Then there is this friend Urooj, whom I don't know much but a good friend rather a freaky friend. Yes, sometimes I find her really freaky by her backward ideologies and stuff. However, I am starting this blog, when she insist and I hope I'll be successfull in making all of the readers laugh. I don't spend much time on writing but writing is a passion, which is growing up in myself day by day. I feel writing is the best way to describe your thinking, your feelings youself. I hope I write and write well that people appreciate it and appreciate it by heart.


  1. rizwan, I am happy that finally you have started your blog. I will advice you to read as much blogs as you can, the reading will also help you in blog writing.

    By the way, I am not backward, its just what you think. Well, I have my own standards and thats my right.

  2. haha... sure I will read as much as I can. Dear you sure do have rights to have your own standards but we are your friends and here to help you with the one's that are a little backward.